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What is the Rejection Rate

2020-03-24 11:14

Based on the principles of Cloud Mining, miners continuously accept work tasks from the mining pool and return the hash results. However, there is a delay in communications between the miner and the mining pool network. The rate of invalid submissions due to network delay is known as the Rejection Rate.

How do I check the Rejection Rate?

Sign in to the Binance Mining Pool.

In the Statistics interface, you can check the total hash rate and the Rejection Rate.


On the Miner page, you can check the hash rate and average Daily Rejection Rate of the corresponding miner.

What is the normal Rejection Rate? What do I do if it is too high?

The Rejection Rate is usually within 2%. If it goes over 2%, please check whether the miner's local network is stable. A sudden increase in the Rejection Rate is usually due to mining pool network instability.

If the local network is ok but the Rejection Rate is still too high, please contact the mining pool account manager for assistance.


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