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Convert Terms of Use

Version: 8 February 2023

A. Convert Services

1. By accessing and using the Convert Services (as defined below), you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions in these terms (the “Convert Terms”), and you acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by and will comply with these Convert Terms. If you do not understand and accept these Convert Terms in their entirety, you should refrain from accessing or using the Convert Services. 

2. Upon completion of the registration and identity verification for your Binance Account,  you may be able to make use of the Binance Convert services, which enable Users to buy and sell Digital Assets based on prices provided by Binance (the “Convert Services”). Pursuant to the Convert Services, Users may provide Binance with a request to convert one Digital Asset into another Digital Asset or a particular Fiat currency into a Digital Asset (or vice versa), as applicable, based on supported trading pairs as available on the Platform (a “Conversion”), which Binance may, in its sole discretion, elect to accept or reject.  If accepted, a transaction will be entered into between Binance and the User subject to the terms as set out in these Convert Terms.

3. To request a Conversion between a supported trading pair through the Platform you may place: (i) a market order, by specifying the type and amount of the Digital Assets or Fiat currency (each an “Asset”) to be converted and the type of Assets to be received pursuant to such Conversion (a “Convert Market Order”); and/or (ii) a limit order, by specifying the type and amount of the Assets to be converted and the type of Assets to be received pursuant to such Conversion, the limit price at which such Conversion is to take place and the date upon which the limit order is to expire (a “Convert Limit Order”). For the purposes of the Convert Services,  reference to “Platform” in these Convert Terms shall be to the digital platform made accessible via any website, page, feature, or content owned or operated by Binance, any mobile application developed or provided by Binance or any Binance API Connection (as defined below) made available to Users or any third-party application relying on such Binance API Connection or by such other means as Binance may prescribe from time to time for the use of Convert Services.

4. If you place a Convert Market Order, Binance may (but is not obliged to) provide a non-binding, indicative and discretionary quote for the conversion (a “Convert Quote”), which you may accept or decline within such a period of time as Binance may, in its sole discretion, specify. It is your responsibility to check the competitiveness of the price and decide whether to accept the Convert Quote or not within the specified time. Your acceptance of the Convert Quote will result in the submission of a trade request to Binance for Binance to process the requested Conversion at the price provided in the Convert Quote  (a “Trade Request”).  Submission of a Trade Request authorizes Binance to temporarily lock the requisite amount of the User’s Assets that are to be converted until the Conversion is completed (subject to Binance’s right to reject any such Trade Request as detailed further below).

5. User’s acceptance of a Convert Quote and submission of a Trade Request does not obligate Binance to process the requested Conversion on behalf of the User.  Binance may either accept or reject the Trade Request at its sole discretion, depending on market conditions and other factors at the relevant time.

6. If Binance accepts the Trade Request, Binance will guarantee the price of the requested Conversion (regardless of price movement) as well as the amount of the relevant Assets that are to be converted and provided to the User pursuant to such Conversion. Binance will settle the requested Conversion accordingly by debiting the User’s Binance Account of the agreed amount of Assets to be converted and crediting the User’s Binance Account with the agreed amount of Assets to be received pursuant to such Conversion. In most cases, the settlement will complete within seconds from the acceptance by Binance of the relevant Trade Request, however Binance does not guarantee the settlement of the Conversion within this timeframe and in some instances the settlement process may take several hours or even longer, depending on various factors, including market conditions, technical issues, etc. Once a Trade Request has been accepted by Binance,  the User will not be permitted to cancel the requested Conversion or to transfer, withdraw, or otherwise trade the Assets that are the subject of such Conversion.  Binance shall not be held responsible for potential loss or opportunity cost in connection with any price change of the Asset subject to the Conversion during this settlement period.

7. In respect of Convert Limit Orders, Binance may accept or reject any Convert Limit Order in its sole discretion.  If Binance accepts a Convert Limit Order, Binance does not guarantee the fulfillment of the limit order, even if the market price of the relevant Asset subject to the Conversion hits or crosses the limit price set by you, as orders are executed subject to market conditions and liquidity. Binance shall not be held responsible for any potential loss or opportunity cost due to the failure to execute any  Convert Limit Order in such case. If any Convert Market Order is executed, the provisions detailed in clause 6 above with respect to the settlement of the relevant Conversion shall apply. 

8. Binance has the exclusive authority to determine which Assets are listed on the Platform and are available for the purposes of a Conversion and may add or remove Assets from the Platform in its sole discretion, from time to time without prior notice. Binance may also change the order size available for a Conversion with respect to a particular Asset. In respect of such additions, removals, or amendments, Binance may, but is not obliged to, notify Users in advance and Binance shall have no liability to users in connection with such additions, removals or amendments.

9. It is recommended that Users conduct independent research into different Digital Assets prior to using Convert services and that Users take steps to ensure they understand the risks associated with the trading of Digital Assets. Users bear full responsibility for ensuring that the Convert Services are suitable for them, taking into account their own financial objectives and circumstances, and shall be solely responsible for any profit or loss sustained in connection with their use of the Convert Services.  Binance does not make any representation of guarantee as to the outcome to be received by the trading of Digital Assets whether pursuant to the Convert Services or otherwise. 

10. If a User is accessing the Convert Services pursuant to an API connection provided to the User by Binance (a “Binance API Connection”), the User acknowledges and agrees as follows:

a. Binance does not currently support the submission of Convert Limit Orders through any Binance API Connection. Accordingly, a Binance API Connection may only be used for the purposes of submitting Convert Market Orders;

b. Binance may change the endpoints of any Binance API Connection from time to time and/or may change the settings of any Binance API Connection, including to impose any particular trading limits and/or minimum order amounts with respect to specific Users, in each case at any time for any reason in its sole discretion and shall not be obliged to provide any prior notice to User of any such change; 

c. Binance may restrict or terminate a Binance API Connection at any time for any reason in its sole discretion, for example, including (but not limited to) where Binance suspects that the User is using the Binance API Connection for the purposes of price arbitrage, market manipulation or is otherwise exploiting pricing provided by Binance via the Binace API Connection for the purposes of gaining a market advantage,  and Binance is not obliged to provide any prior notice to User of any such restriction or termination or any reason therefor; 

d. a Binance API Connection is provided “as is” and is used by a User entirely at its own risk.  Binance shall not be liable for any error, malfunction, or unavailability of any Binance API Connection or any losses incurred by a User or any third party in connection with the use of (or inability to use) any Binance API Connection; and

e. if User is redistributing any prices provided by Binance through a Binance API Connection, whether in relation to the Convert Services or otherwise, Binance shall not be a party to, nor have any obligation with respect to, any transaction entered into by the User with any third party (including any customer of the User) on the basis of a price provided by Binance.  User shall be solely responsible for its transactions and relationships with third parties (including its own customers), including without limitation any obligations or duties arising under applicable law or regulation.  To the extent that User applies any mark-up or spread to prices received from Binance for the purposes of trading with its own customers, User shall be solely responsible for determining the amount of and appropriateness of any such mark-up or spread and Binance shall have no involvement with, or liability in relation to, any such decision or other decision regarding transactions between the User and any customer of User or other third party.  Unless otherwise agreed by Binance in writing, User shall not identify Binance as the source of any prices provided to User to any third party (including User’s own customers) nor use the name “Binance” or any logo or symbol of Binance in its own marketing, communications with third parties, websites or for any other purpose. 

B. General Terms

11. All terms and references used in these Convert Terms and which are defined and construed in the Binance Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”), but are not defined or construed in these Convert Terms, shall have the same meaning and construction in these Terms.

12. These Convert Terms are to be read together with, and are supplemental to,  the Terms of Use. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any provision of these Convert Terms and a provision of the Terms of Use, the Convert Terms shall prevail so far as such inconsistency relates to the Convert Services.