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SymphonyAI introduces "Sensa Copilot", a generative #ai tool for better financial crime detection and management. This solution is the first of its kind and is designed to assist financial crime investigators. #artificialintelligence #crypto2023 #BTC #Binance

SymphonyAI introduces "Sensa Copilot", a generative #ai tool for better financial crime detection and management. This solution is the first of its kind and is designed to assist financial crime investigators.

#artificialintelligence #crypto2023 #BTC #Binance

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😱😱😱SAGA entered Binance like a storm: It increased by 20 thousand percent After being announced as a launchpool project, the general listing of #SAGA , in which Binance users showed record interest by locking BNB and FDUSD at a value of $ 13.4 billion, also began today. 1. the layer blockchain project has almost received an influx of interest similar to the one it received before listing. SAGA soared more than 19,600 percent and also climbed above $7.89. Game-focused 1. SAGA, which is the own token of Saga Protocol, a layer blockchain project, has experienced a big rise in Binance. SAGA, which opened to the general listing today, experienced an increase of 19,600 percent. BNB and FDUSD were staked at a value of $ 13.4 billion after the announcement of the Launchpool on the stock exchange for the project, which Binance users also showed great interest in. None of the previous Launchpool projects had seen a stake worth $13 billion. ENA and ETHFI, one of the latest projects, also came close to the $13 billion threshold but failed to pass. ”Scaling to infinity" feature Rebecca Liao, founder and CEO of Saga, said, “1. 1 for creating layers. Saga, which he describes as a ”layer project“, is commented to have the ability to ”scale forever" thanks to the small chains connected to the main chain. More than 350 projects have been included in this system, also called ”horizontal scaling", so far. In fact, Saga is not a game-oriented blockchain project as mentioned, but the fact that most of the participants focused on this area enabled it to make a name for itself in this way. More than 80% of the projects on the testnet were game-oriented. He entered Binance like a storm SAGA, whose main network update was also made today and saw a big buying frenzy after its general listing on Binance began, also passed $ 7.8 on the stock exchange. The rate of increase, on the other hand, approached 20 thousand%. #binance #BullorBear #BinanceLaunchpool
🔥🔥🔥More than 130 Million Shiba Inu Tokens Destroyed as #SHIB Burn Rate Increases by 1300% Will the Price Rise? Memecoin #ShibaInu made headlines again today by rapidly increasing its burn rate by over 1300% when more than 130 million tokens were sent to burn wallets. A large amount of burning has occurred in the last 24 hours, and a significant amount of tokens have been burned in single transactions. As a result, the incident seems to have affected the price of SHIB in the short term, because its price increased by more than 6% during this period. After the recent price correction caused by global market sentiment and a drop to $ 0.000024, the beloved memecoin recovered and jumped to $ 0.00003, leaving investors hoping for an even higher move. More than 130 million SHIB tokens were sent to burn wallets In recent events, Shibburn, a dedicated Shiba Inu burn follower, has reported a large amount of SHIB burns on the last day. According to the data, exactly 135,451,536 SHIB (135.4 million) tokens were removed from circulation in twelve transactions. The Shiba Inu community continues to destroy a large amount of tokens every day in order to greatly reduce the number of tokens in circulation. This could potentially affect the price of SHIB, throwing it to different levels. It is noteworthy that about 24 hours ago, a wallet destroyed more than 91 million tokens in a single transaction. About 7 hours before that, two transactions were recorded that moved 12.4 million and 25 million shib. As a result of these important transfers, the combustion rate has shown a tremendous increase of 1344.14%. By the way, despite today's big pumping, investors have been on edge due to the extremely unpredictable movement of the token over the past few days. Dec.December. However, SHIB has exhibited bullish waves in the cryptocurrency ecosystem today, and memecoin's on-chain analytics indicate that there is strong Sunday growth for the token as of this writing. #Memecoins #binance
🔥💥Dogecoin Price Prediction: Are DOGE Bull Whales ready to hit the scene? The price of #DOGE is consolidating in a narrow trading December around $ 0.20. This is a very important psychological level that existence exceeded two weeks ago. The last time DOGE rose above this level was in November 2021. In terms of metrics, DOGE is throwing up mixed numbers. On a monthly scale, the price increased by 20%, but since 24-hour trading volumes on the exchanges were also in the red, the market capitalization fell to $ 29 billion, from $ 2.2 billion to 9%. #Dogecoin‬⁩ Is 'Following the Plan’ Despite the consolidation, analysts believe the DOGE's next bull run will start sooner rather than later. The famous cryptotrader Rekt Capital suggests that the primary memecoin is undergoing a re-test phase at $0.20 per month. The analyst pointed out a downward wick displayed on the monthly chart, which means a retesting of a bullish flag pattern in the weekly time frame. The analyst had previously warned about volatility around $ 0.20. A successful break above such an important level will mean more upside potential, more specifically above $0.30. Other market watchers, such as Mikybull Crypto, share equally bullish views. Rekt Capital is not the only analyst predicting a bullish move for DOGE. While the father of all memecoins is consolidating, traders are predicting a price above $ 1, as the coin reflects previous cycles. As reported by Cryptopotato, some analysts believe that doge may be on the verge of a new rally towards new highs, targeting prices above $ 2, 9 and even $ 40. #Memecoins #binance
🚀🚀🚀Ethena (ENA) Price Will Increase by 20% to Become a $2 Billion Asset, Is $2 the Next Target? The local cryptocurrency ENA of the Ethereum-based synthetic dollar protocol #ethena has risen by another 20% in the last 24 hours to $ 1.40. With the current Ethena(#ENA ) price increase, the altcoin has managed to quickly become a $2 billion asset class within a week. In addition, ENA's daily trading volume increased by 66% to $ 1.4 billion. Ethena Labs Increases Rewards by 50% Ethena Labs, "2. As part of the "Season" initiative, it announced a significant increase in rewards for its users. The platform increases rewards by 50% for select users who choose to lock ENA tokens for at least seven days. Users who lock at least 50% of their ENAS according to the balance of USDE, Ethena's stablecoin that provides returns, will be eligible for an enhanced reward increase. This move is aimed at encouraging user participation and strengthening the ecosystem of the platform. Initially, the ENA's key limit was set at $200 million, with possible adjustments in the future. However, the tokens allocated to the team and investors who are subject to the entitlement programs will not be eligible for the ENA lock. He hedged $500 million worth of Bitcoin on multiple exchanges in preparation for the Bitcoin halving. In addition, Ethena Labs has received approval to establish a USDeFRAX liquidity pool in cooperation with Frax Finance, which aims to expand the FRAX stablecoin's yield offerings. In addition, approval was given to the Singularity Roadmap proposal put forward by Ethena Labs. This development allows the protocols to set up the USDeFRAX Pool on Curve, a decentralized finance (DeFi) stablecoin exchange, with a ceiling of $ 250 million. #BullorBear #binance

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