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How to Use the TradingView Interface to Trade Crypto on Binance Spot

How to Use the TradingView Interface to Trade Crypto on Binance Spot

2023-05-12 05:00
Following the Binance TradingView Integration, Binance users can now benefit from the trading capabilities TradingView offers. Simply connect your Binance account to TradingView, and you can use TradingView’s enterprise-grade UI and features to trade on Binance Spot. You can also enjoy more trading options and straightforward access to one of the most comprehensive toolsets in the industry.

How to connect your Binance account to your TradingView account?

Step 1: Log in to your TradingView account and select Binance as the broker
1. Log in to your TradingView account on the TradingView website, or create an account by clicking [Get started].
2. Go to the TradingView trading interface and scroll down to see the list of available broker partners. If you can not see [Binance], click [See all brokers] to expand the list and select [Binance].
3. Click [Continue] to proceed.
Step 2: Log in to your Binance account and grant TradingView access
1. You will be redirected to the Binance login page. Enter your Binance account credentials and log in.
2. Click [Authorize] - [Continue] to grant TradingView access to your Binance account.
Step 3: Start trading on Binance using the TradingView interface
You will be redirected to the TradingView interface to start trading. Your order history on Binance Spot will automatically synchronize with your TradingView account.

How to use TradingView to trade spot on your Binance account?

1. Go to the TradingView interface and select the symbol you would like to view or trade from the top left of the trading panel (e.g., BTCUSDT). You can choose any symbol listed on Binance Spot.
2. To place orders, select [Order Panel] from the navigation bar on the right.
3. Select the order type (Sell/Buy, Market/Limit/Stop Limit) and customize the price, ticks, units, and time in force. Click [Buy] or [Sell] to place your order.
4. Your order will be sent and you’ll see a notification.
You can manage open orders on your Binance account (edit or close) directly from the [Binance] tab below the trading interface.

How to enable the [Instant orders placement] function?

When the [Instant orders placement] mode is enabled, you can place orders instantly without using an order ticket. Simply set the order amount using the quantity calculator.
To enable the function, go to [Chart settings] - [Trading] and check the box next to [Instant orders placement]. Click [Ok] to confirm.
Please note:
  • Once the [Instant orders placement] function is activated, both the buy and sell buttons at the top left corner will be enlarged. You can place buy or sell orders with just one click.
  • The parameters in the quantity calculators are set to the default values. You can edit them manually.
  • When the instant order placement function is disabled, clicking the buy/sell buttons will open up the [Order Panel] on the right. From there, you can place orders manually.