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How to Redeem Trading Fee Rebate Voucher and Platform Fee Rebate Voucher

How to Redeem Trading Fee Rebate Voucher and Platform Fee Rebate Voucher

2020-09-01 10:46
1. Log in to your Binance account and click [Account] - [Reward Center].
Alternatively, you may access the Reward Center from [Profile] or the [More] menu on your Binance App.
2. Once you receive your Trading Fee Rebate Voucher (formerly known as Cashback Voucher) or Platform Fee Rebate Voucher, you will be able to see its face value, expiry date, eligibility, and accumulated trading fee rebate amount in the Reward Center. You can click the arrow on the bottom right of the voucher to view more information. For Platform Fee Rebate Vouchers, please note that they can only be used for the NFT collections stated under [Available Collections] on the voucher.
3. If you don’t have a corresponding trading account (e.g., the Futures account), you will be guided to open an account when you click [Redeem].
If you already have the corresponding account, you can confirm redemption by clicking [Redeem].
4. Once successfully redeemed, your trading fee rebate reward will be activated. The corresponding daily trading fees of the particular product will be distributed to your Spot Wallet in USDT or BUSD on the day following your trade. Your first trading fee rebate will consist of only the trading fee generated on the day after you redeem this voucher.
The trading fee rebate amount equals the net trading fee amount (excluding referral commission) you paid each day. For more details, please visit Trading Fee Rebate Voucher (Cashback Voucher) Terms and Conditions.
Please note that the value of the Trading Fee Rebate Voucher and Platform Fee Rebate Voucher will be deducted each day according to the rebate distribution until the depletion or the expiry of the voucher. To check the trading fee rebate distribution history, go to [Wallet] - [Transaction History] - [Distribution] or click [Detail] on the voucher.
Please Note:
  • If you activate multiple Trading Fee Rebate Vouchers or Platform Fee Rebate Vouchers for the same product at the same time, the vouchers will be used according to the redemption order.
  • The trading fee rebate reward expires after a certain period. Please refer to the expiry date on the individual trading fee rebate voucher. Users will not be able to apply or use the remaining balance of the trading fee rebate vouchers in any way once the voucher expires.
  • The Platform Fee Rebate Voucher is only applicable for trades on Binance NFT's secondary market.
  • The Platform Fee Rebate voucher is not eligible for third-party NFT listings on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
  • As per the Terms of Use and in compliance with local regulations, the Trading Fee Rebate Voucher and Platform Fee Rebate Voucher rewards may not be available in your region.
In order to comply with local regulations, certain features may not be available in your region.