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How to Mine Crypto with an ASIC Miner on Binance

How to Mine Crypto with an ASIC Miner on Binance

2023-04-24 07:54
Binance Pool is a comprehensive service platform dedicated to improving miners' income. Follow the steps below to configure your ASIC miner to start mining on Binance Pool.

Step 1. Register for a Mining Account

To use Binance Pool, you need to create a Mining Account first. Please refer to the step-by-step guide in What Is Binance Mining Account and How to Create It.

Step 2. Configure your miner

2.1 Configure the Stratum URLs

You need to configure the Stratum URLs on your miner for the coin you want to mine. Go to the Binance Pool homepage and click the arrow next to a coin. You’ll see the corresponding URLs. Copy and paste the relevant URL to your miner.

2.2 Create a worker name

Create a worker name for your miner. It can be in numbers and/or letters. Please follow this format "MiningAccount.Worker". For example, if your Mining Account name is “Miningcrypto”, your worker name could be "Miningcrypto.001". Passwords are not mandatory.


Let’s see how to configure an Antminer. Log in to your Antminer and click [Miner Configuration]. Paste the corresponding Stratum URL copied from Binance Pool, and enter a worker name and a password (optional). Click [Save & Apply].
We recommend setting up multiple ports for a more stable mining environment. If one port fails to connect, the miner will automatically switch to the next port and continue mining.

Step 3. Check your miner’s hashrate

After setting up your miner, you can view its performance statistics in approximately 10 minutes. Click [Workers] to see the active hashrate.
Note: If you’re mining two coins simultaneously, please select the correct algorithm to view the active hashrate.

Step 4. Check your earnings

Pool earnings are settled daily from 00:00 (UTC) today to 00:00 (UTC) the next day. You’ll receive daily payments between 02:00 and 10:00 (UTC) in your Funding Wallet.
To check your daily income record, go to [Earnings] - [Mining Earnings], or [Wallet] - [Funding Wallet].

You can transfer your earnings to your Spot Wallet or other Binance Wallets without transaction fees.