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How to Get Started with Managed Sub-Account Functions and Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started with Managed Sub-Account Functions and Frequently Asked Questions

2021-12-17 10:51
Managed Sub-Account Functions
Step-by-step Guide
Managed Sub-Account Functions

What is a Managed Sub-Account?

A Managed Sub-Account is an account type for investors who value flexibility in asset allocation and account application, while delegating trades to a professional trading team.
We provide the Managed Sub-Account feature to empower professional trading firms even more. In addition to enjoying VIP fees, this feature enables trading firms to realize greater flexibility of fund management, while safeguarding the trading strategies, order and transaction history.

Who should use the Managed Sub-account function?

The flexible operation of the managed sub-account not only meets the needs of investor account differentiation, but also supports investors to create multiple managed sub-accounts for different trading teams. The managed sub-account will also protect the trading strategies and the trading team's historical/commissioned orders will not appear in the investor's operating interface.
The managed sub-account can benefit both investors and professional trading firms.
1. Investors
Investors want to be able to entrust multiple trading teams to manage their assets, so they can create multiple managed sub-accounts tied to different trading teams and withdraw or book withdrawals at any time.
2. Trading team
The trading team can use multiple managed sub-accounts to run different trading strategies while managing assets for the investor, while protecting the trading strategies from disclosure.

Managed Sub-Account Features

Managed Sub-Account Features
Trading Team
  • Allocate funds to multiple trading teams for asset management under your own management.
  • Trade with your own Binance account freely.
  • View managed asset balances at any time, and secure your own funds.
  • Schedule withdrawals from managed sub-accounts when needed.
  • Enjoy the trading level benefits of the VIP team.
  • Manage investors’ funds in multiple managed sub-accounts.
  • Trade all assets available to a standard account with APIs.
  • Protect the trading strategy/trading records.
  • Share VIP fee tiers with the trading team’s main account, and the trading volumes can be contributed to the fee tiers.

How to apply for a Managed Sub-account?

Managed Sub-accounts are exclusive for VIP users. If you want to apply the Asset Managed Sub-account function, please contact your account manager or email to

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Managed sub-accounts enjoy the same transaction fee discount as the main account?

Yes, the managed sub-account trading fee discount will follow the trading team and enjoy the trading level benefits of the VIP team, which will allow you to enjoy a more favorable fee when trading.
Yes, investors can withdraw the funds allocated to the managed sub-account through the managed sub-account management function.
No, in order to protect the trading strategies of the trading team, the trading/order history of the trading team will not appear in the investor operation page.
No, the trading team cannot withdraw funds from the managed sub-account. Withdrawals from the managed sub-account must be made through the investor's master account.
Each investor can create up to 10 managed sub-accounts.
No, the funds in the managed sub-account are managed by the investor's master account and the funds need to be transferred through the investor's master account.
No, rebate from the managed sub-account will be credited to the original referrer.

What can the Managed Sub-Account investor do?

Operations that the trading team can perform on the managed sub-account
Account Management Create managed sub-accounts and blind with trading team account management.
Deposit and withdrawal Manage the deposit and withdrawal of assets between the main and the managed sub-accounts.
Wallet and Account Overview View the current managed sub-account wallet overview, asset balances, PnL, and other information.

Managed Sub-Account Management

1. Go to [My Account] - [Sub-Account] - [Managed Sub-Account] - [Create Managed Sub-Account].
2. Enter the account name and link the account manager’s email address when creating the account.
3. If the binding fails, click [Bind Account] next to the managed sub account to try again.

Deposit and withdrawal

1. Go to [Managed Sub-Account] and click on the corresponding sub-account you want to access to enter the sub-account transfer page. You can deposit assets between the main account and the current sub-account here.
1. Go to [Managed Sub-Account] and click on the corresponding sub-account you want to access to enter the sub account transfer page. You can withdraw assets between the main account and the current sub-account.
  • Investors can choose a transfer date (within 30 days from the day of selection), the withdrawal notification will be sent to the trading team’s email address.
  • Investors can also choose to withdraw their assets immediately

Assets Management

1. Go to [Managed Sub-Account] and click on the corresponding sub-account you want to access. You can view the assets and unrealized profit and loss of the account.

What can the Managed Sub-Account trading team do?

Sub-account Management Features Overview
Account ManagementManage Margin account, Futures account, and enable BLVT for the managed sub-accounts.
API ManagementCreate and edit the managed sub-account API keys and API access.Each managed sub-account can create up to 30 API KEYs, which can be used to place orders/enquiries/positions/orders etc. through the sub-account in the public API interface
Asset ManagementCheck the balance of the managed sub-account by clicking [Transfer] to immediately transfer assets. between Spot and Futures or Margin Wallets.

Managed Sub-Account Management

You can view the account in the Account Management list and manage the account permissions here.

API management

You can create and edit managed sub-account API keys and API permission.

Asset management

You can view the balance of your managed sub-accounts. Simply click [Transfer] to transfer the sub-account assets between Spot and Futures or Margin Wallets immediately.