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How to Get Started with Binance Launchpool

How to Get Started with Binance Launchpool

2020-10-10 02:46

What is Binance Launchpool?

Tutorial Video:Launchpool
Binance Launchpool allows users to acquire new token rewards by staking BNB, BUSD, and other tokens on the platform.

How to access Launchpool?

1. Log in to your Binance account and click the navigation button - [Launchpad].
Then, scroll down to find [Launchpool] and the list of available and completed projects.
You can also access Launchpool by clicking[Finance] - [Binance Earn].

Scroll down and click [View More] under [Launchpool].

How to participate in a new project?

Let’s take Flamingo (FLM) as an example. On the Launchpool page, you can see the available staking options for farming FLM. For example, [Flamingo BNB] means that you can stake BNB to farm FLM. Click [Stake Now] to participate.
Here you can see the project reward information and the estimated annual percentage yield (APY).
[My Funds] shows your staked assets. [Available] shows the available balance for staking in your Spot Wallet. If you do not hold any BNB, you can click [Buy BNB].
You can then click [Stake] to stake BNB to farm FLM. Your assets can be redeemed any time by clicking [Redeem]. To view your staking records, click [Staking History].
[My Rewards] shows your unclaimed earned rewards, which are updated every hour. You can click [Claim Rewards] to claim the earned tokens to your Spot Wallet any time you wish. To view the claimed rewards or distribution history, click [Claim History].
Stake your idle assets today to farm new tokens!