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How to Exchange Binance Fan Tokens on the Binance Spot Market

2021-10-21 11:58
Users can buy and sell Binance Fan Tokens in multiple ways, one of the easiest options is the Spot Market to exchange your existing coins for a Binance Fan Token.

How to Exchange Binance Fan Tokens on the Spot Market

1. Visit the Binance Fan Token platform and log into your Binance account.
2. Choose a team from the ‘Featured teams’ section by hovering over their card and click [View Details] to visit the team profile page.

3. Click the [Marketplace] button on the team page, which will take you to the Spot Market page interface. The default trading pair will be Binance Fan Token/USDT.
4. Alternatively, you can scroll down on the Binance Fan Token platform main page and find a [Marketplace] - On Spot Market button. Once you click that, you can select your preferred trading pair, which will take you to the Spot Market interface.

6. You can always access Spot Market by navigating to the top of the Binance home page, and by clicking on the [Trade] tab and selecting [Classic] or [Advanced] viewdepending on your preferred view and experience.
7. After entering the Spot Market interface, the default trading pair will be Binance Fan Token/USDT. If you wish to purchase Binance Fan Tokens against a different crypto asset or fiat, you can select a different trading pair in the upper right-hand corner using [Classic], and in the upper left corner using the [Advanced] view.
8. Exchange Binance Fan Tokens under the Buy or Sell sections by filling in the price and the amount for your order. Alternatively, use the slider underneath to set a percentage of your crypto or fiat to exchange for your preferred Binance Fan Token.
9. Click on the [Buy] or [Sell] button to complete the transaction. Your amount of Binance Fan Tokens will automatically be transferred to your [Fiat and Spot] Wallet.

  • The default order type is a Limit order. This means your transaction will only be triggered when a specific price is reached.
  • If you want to place an order as soon as possible, at the current market price, you may switch to a Market Order
  • The percentages shown below the [Amount] field refer to the percentage amount of your held assets you wish to exchange for Binance Fan Tokens. Pull the slider across to change the desired amount.