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How to Access Binance NFT on Binance App and Binance NFT PWA

How to Access Binance NFT on Binance App and Binance NFT PWA

2022-04-01 05:12

What is the Binance NFT Mini App?

Binance NFT is now available on the latest Binance App versions (iOS v2.43.0 or above, or Android v2.43.0 or above). You can access Binance NFT features conveniently within the Binance App.
The Binance NFT Mini App is a mobile-friendly version of Binance NFT. It offers a simple and intuitive design for you to access different NFT functions easily on the Binance App.
Note: As Apple has restricted NFT purchases in apps on iOS devices, Binance will remove the buy NFT feature from all iOS Binance Apps version 2.52.1 or above. However, you can still use the buy NFT feature if your iOS Binance App version is below 2.52.1. You may also use the Binance NFT Progressive Web Application (PWA) to access it

How to access the Binance NFT Mini App on the Binance App?

1. Download the latest version of the Binance App and log in to your Binance account.
2. On the App homepage, drag down from the top to access [Marketplace]. You will see [Binance NFT] under [Popular].
Please note that you can also access Binance NFT by tapping on [More] - [Binance NFT].

How to use the Binance NFT PWA on your device?

You can use Progressive Web App (PWA) to easily make NFT purchases across different devices, such as Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android phones. Please note that the Binance NFT PWA only supports four browsers: Mac Chrome, PC Chrome, iOS Mobile Safari, and Android Chrome.


We will use iOS mobile Safari as an example.
1. Go to the Binance NFT website on your mobile browser and tap the [Share] button.
2. Tap [Add to Home Screen], then tap [Add].
3. Once successfully installed, the browser will be automatically closed. You will see the Binance NFT PWA icon on your mobile home screen. You can now use the Binance NFT PWA to browse NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
4. To uninstall the PWA, press on the icon and tap [Delete Bookmark] - [Delete].


We will use Mac Chrome as an example.
1. Go to the Binance NFT website on Chrome and click the [...] button. Select [Install Binance NFT].
2. Click [Install] on the pop-up.
3. You will see a Binance NFT PWA on the Chrome Apps Finder.
For easier access, right-click on the Binance NFT PWA icon on the Dock. Click [Options] - [Keep in Dock].
4. To uninstall, click the [...] icon and select [Uninstall Binance NFT].
Click [Remove].