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How to Set Your Binance NFT Account Limits to Protect Your Assets

2021-09-02 01:28
To ensure a safe and secure NFT trading experience, you can now customize your NFT purchasing and listing limits on Binance NFT. These limits can help protect your account from computer malware and phishing scams.

How to customize my NFT account limits?

1. Go to Binance NFT and click [User Center] - [Account Limits].
2. You will see a pop-up with your current limits. To customize the limits, click [Edit] and complete further security verification.
  • Daily Total Purchase Limit: The maximum amount you can purchase per day. This limit can protect your account from phishing malware. If your limit is set at 5,000 EUR, it means if you already spent 500 EUR today, you will only be able to purchase 4,500 EUR more. This 4,500 EUR will be displayed under [Daily Remaining Purchase Limit].
  • Total Asset Listing Limit: The maximum amount you can list for your NFTs. This limit requires additional confirmation from you so as to prevent you from listing a high-priced NFT by mistake. For example, you own a 20,000 BUSD NFT and several 30-50 BUSD NFTs in your Binance NFT Wallet, and your Total Asset Listing Limit is set to 10,000 BUSD. If you want to sell the 20,000 BUSD NFT, you will have to verify the listing by security verification first.
Please note that you are only allowed to change your limits 3 times per day.
3. You might also see the below pop-ups when you purchase or list NFTs:
  • Purchase Declined
This means that the amount of the NFT you are trying to purchase has exceeded the [Daily Remaining Purchase Limit] or [Daily Total Purchase Limit] you set. To proceed with your purchase, click [Raise Limit] and complete security verification.
  • Verification Required
This means the amount of the NFT you are trying to list has exceeded your [Total Asset Listing Limit]. If you still want to list it, click [Raise Limit] and complete 2FA verification.
Please note that once you complete 2FA verification, your listing limit will be updated to that amount.