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How to get started with Binance Launchpool
2020-10-10 02:46
What is Binance Launchpool?
Tutorial Video:Launchpool
Binance introduces Launchpool, a new product to allow users to farm new assets. And users will be able to acquire new token rewards in return for staking BNB, BUSD and other tokens.
How to participate in a new project?
Open Binance official website, click the button in the navigation menu and select [Launchpad], choose the [Launchpool] tab to find all Launchpool projects.
You can also find [Launchpool] by clicking the[Finance] -[Binance Earn] button.
Let’s try with “Flamingo BNB” as an example. “Flamingo BNB” means to stake BNB to farm the new token ”Flamingo (FLM)”. Click "Stake Now".
You can see the project reward information and the estimated annual percentage yield (APY) shown on the screen.
[My Funds] shows your staked assets. And [available] shows available balance on your spot wallet. You can also buy the crypto asset required for staking by clicking [Buy BNB].
By clicking [Stake], users can stake BNB to farm FLM. And users may redeem the assets at any time by clicking [Redeem]. Under [Staking History] , you will be able to find all your staking records.
[My Rewards] show your earned rewards which are unclaimed. Note that rewards are updated every hour. Users can click [Claim Rewards] to claim the earned tokens to spot wallet at any time. Users can view the claimed rewards or distribution history by clicking [Claim History].
Stake tokens such as BNB or BUSD, you can farm new tokens and win rewards!
Launchpool, a Secure Way to Farm New Assets!

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