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How to Report Scams on Binance Support

2022-08-29 08:58
You can easily report any scams and fraudulent activities through Binance Support.
1. How do I report a scam?
Log in to your Binance account on the Binance official website and click on the [Binance Support] icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Explain your situation. For example, enter a statement similar to the one shown in the below screenshot.
Click on the case report link provided by the Customer Service response. You will be redirected to the Case Report Form. Enter your case’s details and submit. A member of our team will contact you shortly.
2. Do I need to log in to my Binance account to use the Case Report Form?
Currently, the Case Report Form is only available to Binance users. If you want to report a case via the link provided in the Customer Service response, please log in to your Binance account first. Users who have not logged in can also report cases through Binance Support.
3. Under what circumstances can I report scams via the Case Report Form?
You can report scams through the Case Report Form in any of the following situations:
  • A fake Binance representative is contacting you by phone, text message, or email to request a transfer;
  • A platform that claims to offer a high yield and high return requires you to deposit, but then denies your withdrawals;
  • You deposited to a platform that claims to help you profit from trading, but then denies your withdrawals unless you pay extremely high taxes or interests;
  • Someone contacts you through your social media account and offers to help you invest, but disappears after receiving the transfer;
  • Someone contacts you through a dating platform and offers to help you invest, but disappears after receiving the transfer;
  • A fake bank representative contacts you and offers to help invest in cryptocurrency, but disappears after receiving the transfer;
  • A live-streaming platform that claims to be partnering with Binance requires you to transfer money to an unknown account for a giveaway, but disappears after receiving the transfer;
  • A fake customer support staff pretends to help you pass KYC or make a transfer and asks you to let them remotely control your computer, but your funds disappear after the transfer was successful;
  • You fall for a classic Ponzi scheme that requires you to invest and invite your friends to deposit on fake third-party service platforms. Your funds disappear after making the deposits.
4. How to choose the [Report Type]?
  • If you have been scammed by a fraudulent investment platform, select [Fake Investment];
  • If you have been scammed by a fraudulent trading platform, select [Fraud Trading Platform];
  • If you have been scammed by fake giveaways or fraudulent live broadcasts, select [Fake Giveaway];
  • If you have been scammed by a fake Binance Support representative, select [Impersonated Binance Support];
  • If you were scammed by other fake support representatives (such as a fake bank representative), select [Fake Support of Other Service];
  • If you were scammed by an acquaintance/friend, select [Known Person];
  • If you have other cases to report, select [Another Reason] and enter the details.
5. How can I locate the funds that were scammed?
To quickly locate the scammed funds, you can look up the withdrawal address or the transaction ID. Please also include them in the Case Report Form.
You can also find the details of your withdrawal records from [Withdrawal History].
6. If I have been scammed through alternative withdrawal methods (i.e., NFT scams), can I still use the case report form?
Currently, the case report form only supports withdrawal scams. For scams related to other withdrawal methods, e.g., NFT scams, please contact Binance Support to report your case.
7. Can I file a duplicate case?
Once a case is reported, the details cannot be modified. You can submit up to 3 reports a day. After careful investigation, we will merge the same cases into one.
8. Will I be notified of case investigation updates?
Yes, we will notify you of case investigation updates through email.
9. How can Binance help me?
Binance is not a law enforcement agency, but we will assist your local law enforcement investigations should they require any relevant evidence or information.
Apart from reporting your case to Binance, be sure to report it to your local police as soon as possible.
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