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Flexible Savings
FAQ for Flexible Savings Products
2019-10-21 11:48


What are Flexible Savings Products?

Savings is a financial product that Binance provides for his users to lend and earn interests. Users can lend his/her idle crypto assets to Binance Margin, and get interests.

Flexible Savings is your Crypto savings account. Subscribe your crypto to earn interest, with the flexibility to redeem your funds at any time and convenience of daily interest and real-time funds credit.


What are the terms of Flexible Savings products?

Average annual return: The average annual return (APR) uses the average daily interest rate from the past 7 days, multiplied by 365. It is a reference to the daily interest you are entitled to, but not exactly the same as the actual interests.

Interest per thousand: The daily interest of per thousand crypto assets based on the latest daily interest rate.


About Subscription and redemption

  • Flexible Savings can be subscribed and redeemed at any time with funds being credited in real-time.
  • Subscription and redemption will be opened between 00:10-23:50(UTC) every day.
  • Interest will be calculated from the day after subscription day, not counted on subscription day, and distributed on the second day after subscription day.
  • On subscription day, you can choose fast or standard redemption to redeem assets.
  • For standard redemptions, you will only receive the full amount back on the second day after redeeming, at 00:00 AM (UTC) with the earned interest included. The funds credited delay may due to the interest calculation process where the redemption day is included in the interest calculation period. 
  • For fast redemptions, you will receive the full amount of your digital assets back on the redemption day without interest. 


About automatic subscription (new function)

  • You can activate the automatic subscription function in the Flexible Savings page.
  • If the function is turned on, the system will transfer total available assets from spot wallet to Savings wallet automatically since 02:00 AM (UTC).
  • In automatic subscription, the system will estimate whether the total flexible product quota has exceeded individual cap. Subscription of exceeding parts will be canceled automatically.

  • Digital Asset/Individual Cap/Redemption Limit and Total Savings Quota will be adjusted according to market condition and risk level.
  • If the total flexible savings quota of one digital asset has exceeded the upper limit, it is not allowed to subscribe until the total quota is less than individual cap.

Interests calculation

The interests of Binance Savings come from the income of Margin. Binance will calculate and distribute the income according to the platform’s rules.

Binance Savings calculates and distributes the interests of Flexible Savings products have accrued the previous day to your exchange wallet.

Total interest daily = the distributable income/ total subscribed today 


Minimum accountable interests

Interest earned is distributed daily. The amount is based on the number of redeemable tokens. The interest amount is rounded down and goes to 8 decimal places.


Total interest earned and today’s interest earned

The total interest earned on the Assets page is the cumulative interest you have earned through Savings.


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