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How to Use the Sub-Account Feature?
2018-12-06 08:37

1. Do I have access to the sub-account feature?

  •  For a corporate account user, the sub-account feature will be enabled automatically. 
  •  For VIP 1 (or higher) personal account user the sub-account feature will be enabled automatically. 

If it is not in the above two cases, please contact customer service for activation.


2. What can I do in the master account?

Account Management

You can click the 【Create Sub Account】 button and create up to 1,000 sub-accounts.

When you create a sub-account, you will be required to fill in a sub-account email address and password. A confirmation email will be sent to that address. Only when you complete email confirmation will that sub-account be activated.

You can choose to “Freeze” and “Unfreeze” all functions for individual sub-accounts at any time, whenever needed. You can also directly change the sub-account password from your master account.

Asset Management

You can check the balance of the master account and all sub-accounts, either in the value of BTC or USD.

You can click 【Transfer】to transfer the assets in between the master account and sub-accounts instantly and without any fees.

Orders Management

From here you can check all【Open Orders】,【Order History】and 【Trade History】of all your sub-accounts. You can also filter the history by dates and trading pairs.

Transfer History

You can check the fund transfer history for all accounts by choosing “transfer from” or “transfer to”.

 Login History

You can check all sub-account login history by date, IP address, and location.

3. What can I do with sub-accounts?

The first time you log in, you will be reminded to bind that account with a 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) method. You can check your device login history and coin/tokens distribution history for individual sub-accounts, and you can also create an API private key to commence API trading. 

4. Will all sub-accounts enjoy the same trading fee discount as the master account?

Your VIP tier and correspondent discounts will be defined by the aggregate trading volume of all sub-accounts and master account, enabling you to trade with even more favorable fees.

5. How do I calculate the sub-account trading referral bonus?

All sub-account trading volumes will be calculated as the trading volumes of the master account. The commission will be sent to the master account.

6. Does my sub-account have the same API order limit?

Yes, the API order limit for each of your sub-accounts is the same as the master account limit, which is 10 orders/second and 100,000 orders/24 hours.

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