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Use BNB to Get a 25% Discount on Isolated Margin Fees

2020-10-14 12:07
Fellow Binancian,
Good news! Binance Isolated Margin users will have the opportunity to enjoy a 25% discount on standard trading fees every time they choose to pay with BNB.
Users can enable this discount by navigating to their User Center > Dashboard > Your Trading Fee Level.
Check the Fee Structure page for more details.
Please note:
  • No other operation is needed if “Use BNB” for paying fees (25% discount) is already enabled.
  • You need to have enough BNB in your spot wallet balance to pay for Isolated Margin trading fees. Otherwise, you won’t receive your 25%.
  • The users pay for standard trading fees as usual on Isolated Margin trading. The discounted trading fees when using BNB are charged in the spot wallet hourly afterwards, while the paid trading fees are refunded to users’ Isolated Margin account.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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