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Latest Binance News Stats 2017/8/27 Stats 2017/8/27

2017-08-27 09:58

It’s been 45 days since went live (2017/7/14).  Thanks to your strong support, we have grown rapidly.  Here we share some stats with you.

User Count: 122,729.

We just passed 120k users today.  Active user ratio is high.  More than 60,000 (50+%) of users have at least one trackable action per day.  Trackable action include login, deposit, withdraw, place an order, trade, participate in an ICO, etc.  We only track actions from logged in users.  There are between 4000-6000 new registered users per day.


Unlike other asia-based exchanges, our user base is quite unique.  We bridge the west and east.


24-Hour Trading Volume:

We rank between 7-20th on Coinmarketcap’s global 24hr trading volume.  At the time of this writing, we are 12th globally.  For a 45 day old exchange, that’s not bad.  We deeply thank you for supporting us.


BNB Coin

The BNB coins ranks 15th in market value among all digital assets globally, with a market cap of $189MM USD at the moment.  



The team is 78 in headcount now.  We expanded rapidly, especially in customer support, to cope with the explosive growth and user demand.


Here is a brief list of events in our short history:

06/14 Decision to do an ICO, project start

06/18 Initial white paper distribution, in English and Chinese

06/20 Private angel round closed

06/22 Decide to do 60% of the ICO on, a brand new domain name

06/24 launches, 9000 registered on day 1

06/25 ICO functions code complete

06/26 ICO starts, 5 sessions over 7 days

07/03 ICO finishes, with each session lasting a couple hours to a few minutes

07/14 Exchange launches with BNB, BTC, ETH, LTC, and NEO.  11 days after ICO.

07/19 API trading released

07/24 Launched 0 fee trading for a month

07/27 Listed 4 new coins: QTUM, SNT, EOS, BNT

07/29 Add KYC

08/01 First NEOGas distribution to NEO holders

08/03 Listed NEOGas for trading

08/05 Listed BTM trading

08/05 Website redesign v2

08/09 Opens BNB/ETH market

08/11 HTML5/Mobile version online

08/11 Giveaway 10000 QTUM (Sponsored by QTUM team)

08/15 Listed HCC

08/17 Added USTD market

08/18 Listed HSR (HCash)

08/21 Listed OAX (Open ANX)

08/22 Listed DNT (District0x)

08/22 First ICO session open for TRX (TRON), finished in 53 seconds

08/23 Listed MCO and ICN

08/24 Listed ELC

08/24 Released ICO and Listing Guidelines, draft v0.1

08/25 ICO for LLT

08/25 Released Korean language interface (translated by community volunteers)

08/25 Released RMB & USD price display

08/25 Restored trading fee

08/27 Listed WTC

08/27 Registered users passed 120k

There are many more minor tweaks and non-visible improvements under the surface of  We have been hard at work!  There are many more exciting features and positive news in the pipeline, stay tuned.

Join our slack group.  Our team members and CEO (CZ) often drops in just to chill.