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Binance Announces the First Online Master in Blockchain and Web3 in Microlearning Format

Binance Announces the First Online Master in Blockchain and Web3 in Microlearning Format

2022-12-12 16:18
Fellow Binancians,
We are excited to announce the launch of the Online Master in Blockchain and Web3, co-created with Founderz Business School. The program will help people from around the world to better understand the crypto industry, how Web3 projects are launched, and the potential of blockchain as a disruptive technology. The first program will roll out in February 2023.
Based on the decentralized education methodology, the program has already been tested with an initial group of 1,000 participants, and is now launching globally in English and French, with more languages to follow.
  • 100% Online: Users will be able to join our Online Campus in the Metaverse from anywhere in the world, to discuss and debate over all trending topics in the blockchain and Web3 space.
  • Lifelong Microlearning: No initial technical knowledge is required, as microlearning simplifies complicated topics into short, self-contained learning units that go from basic to advanced levels. Also, the program is constantly updated to keep pace with market trends and community needs.
  • Collective Intelligence: We believe that professors cannot be the single source of truth in teaching. Therefore, community members are encouraged to share their knowledge, ideas, and concerns in what we call Open Shows.
  • Final Certification: The program does not have an end-date and students can progress at their own pace. Once the program’s main contents and activities are completed, the user receives an online certification that can be exported to LinkedIn.
NFT Collection for the First 7,500 Students
The program will be launched with a special edition NFT collection featuring 7,500 NFTs from Binance and Founderz for the first 7,500 students enrolled. The NFTs will come with many associated benefits that can be found here, such as unlimited lifetime access to updated program contents, exclusive events, and more. The collection will be minted over the course of the first three months of the program.
Users may sign up starting from today to secure one of the NFTs. The NFTs will be distributed to eligible students in mid March 2023. An email will be sent to eligible students once the distribution is complete.
Sign Up for the Program Now to Secure Your Special Edition NFT!
Special Discount for Binance Community
All Binance users who sign up before 2022-12-31 (UTC), will receive a 50% discount on the program. The discount can be claimed from this page.
“Education is a priority for us. Not only does it help people understand the opportunities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it helps people make informed decisions about their own investments. That’s why we have partnered with Founderz for the launch of the Blockchain Online Master,” said Abdelhamid Benyahia, Marketing Director at Binance France. “In addition to allowing the general public to discover what Blockchain is, we aim to share our expertise as a world leader in crypto-currencies.. In particular, we will have the pleasure of offering discounted access to our community in France so that they can more easily develop their Web3 skills and knowledge,”
See you in the metaverse!

Note: Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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