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Ethereum Block Hash Lottery - Win up to 10,000 BUSD

2020-12-02 00:00
Activity Period: 2020/12/02 0:00 AM - 2020/12/09 0:00 AM (UTC)
How to Participate: Buy crypto or deposit fiat equivalent to at least 20 USDT in value via Bank Deposit, Credit/Debit Card or Third-Party Payment.
Lottery Rules: The number of winners will be randomly determined by hash of the last block of Ethereum at 12/09/2020 00:00 AM (UTC). There will be a maximum of 1 first prize winner.
Winning conditions and rewards are as follows:
Lottery RulesPrize
First prizeYour User ID is exactly the same as the last 8 digits of the hash10,000 BUSD
Second prizeThe last 5 digits of your User ID are exactly the same as the last 5 digits of the hash1,000 BUSD
Third prizeThe last 2 digits of your User ID are exactly the same as the last 2 digits of the hash1 BUSD
For example: for block 11266021, the hash is 0x4ad23241b62098e4064f4af81e0048970862ecc5513cda8b886dec7db28954a4, and the last 8 digits are 67289544:
  • User with the ID 67289544 win the first prize of 10,000 BUSD
  • For users with the last 5 digits of User ID being 89544, each will win the second prize of 1,000 BUSD
  • For users with the last 2 digits of User ID being 44, each will win the third prize of 1 BUSD
  • User ID can be found in User Center
  • Each eligible user can win a maximum of one reward, and will be awarded the highest reward
  • Bonuses will be distributed in the form of cash voucher within one week after the activity ends, which can be traded against crypto or withdrawn
  • How to Redeem a Cash Voucher
  • The hash of the Ethereum block is randomly generated by Ethereum, viewable on Ethereum browser