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Binance Will Support the DIA (DIA) Airdrop Program for DIA (DIA) Holders
2021-01-09 10:02
Fellow Binancians,
Binance will support the DIA (DIA) airdrop program for DIA holders. Binance will distribute DIA tokens to each user based on the formula as follows:
(User’s average DIA holdings over snapshot period * Total DIA airdropped to Binance) / Average DIA holdings held on Binance over snapshot period)
  • User’s average DIA holdings over snapshot period = (Sum of the daily snapshot DIA balances in user’s Binance account / Total counted days)
  • Average DIA holdings held on Binance over snapshot period = (Snapshots of Binance users’ DIA balances / Total counted days)
Snapshots were taken at 10:00 AM (UTC) daily from 2020/09/25 to 2020/12/10.
Please note:
  • DIA tokens that were pending deposit or withdrawal at the time of the snapshots will not count towards your DIA balance.
  • Average DIA balances over the snapshot period that are under 1 DIA (including those in trade orders) will not be eligible for the airdrop.
  • The snapshots will include DIA balances in spot wallets and in Savings accounts (including short term Savings activities over the snapshot period), but excludes margin accounts and crypto loans. Undistributed DIA interest payments will not be included.
  • DIA borrowed from margin accounts or crypto loans, or DIA transferred to spot wallets from these accounts, will not be eligible for the airdrop.
  • Binance will distribute the DIA tokens after the project has completed the DIA airdrop to DIA holders. We will post a further announcement once the distribution is completed.
For further information on how the DIA tokens will be airdropped to DIA holders, please refer to: DIA 2020 Airdrop
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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