#Cudos Blockchain is a decentralized computing network. This network allows participating computers from all over the world to share their idle processing power and earn CUDOS tokens in return. Cudos Blockchain provides a solution suitable for both traditional cloud services and blockchain-based applications. Potential application areas of Cudos Blockchain include:

  • #DeFi: Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based ecosystem that eliminates traditional financial intermediaries and allows users to manage, lend, borrow and exchange their own assets. DeFi applications work with programmable codes called smart contracts. However, computational power is needed for smart contracts to work. Cudos Blockchain can provide DeFi applications with an affordable, secure and scalable computing platform. Thus, DeFi applications can reach more users, process faster and offer more complex functions.

  • #NFTs: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are blockchain-based tokens that represent unique and unchangeable assets such as digital art, music, in-game items. NFTs can be used to prove ownership and authenticity of assets. However, computational power is also needed for the creation and transfer of NFTs. Cudos Blockchain can provide an affordable, secure and scalable computing platform for NFTs. Thus, NFTs can be produced more easily, sold faster, and made available to a wider audience.

  • #Games: Games are a popular way to have fun and socialize in the digital world. Games include a variety of elements, from graphics to sounds. However, games also need computational power to run. Cudos Blockchain can provide an affordable, secure and scalable computing platform for games. Thus, games can be presented in higher quality, reach more players and offer a richer gaming experience.

The potential application areas of Cudos Blockchain are not limited to these. Cudos Blockchain can make blockchain technology more pervasive and accessible by providing computational power to all kinds of digital services. Cudos Blockchain’s vision is to create a decentralized computing ecosystem where anyone can contribute and benefit using their own computer.

Cudos #Blockchain Compute

Cudos Blockchain is a decentralized cloud computing network that aims to unit cloud and blockchain for Web3 applications. It allows users to deploy scalable smart contracts, create NFTs and digital assets, connect to oracles, and access low-cost and fast transactions. Cudos Blockchain also leverages the spare computing power of over 300,000 users to provide distributed virtual machines that can run any WASM, container or virtual machine workload.

Cudos Blockchain has the potential to disrupt various sectors, including DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Cudos’ unique consensus algorithm, fast transaction processing times, and low transaction fees make it an ideal choice for these and other applications. As Cudos continues to grow and develop, we can expect to see it being adopted by an increasing number of businesses and organizations seeking to leverage its benefits.

Cudos Blockchain Compute is an innovative service that allows users to access computing resources via smart contracts, permissionlessly. Users can call virtual machines by interacting directly with the smart contract, via CLI, or via a user interface. The virtual machines can run any WASM, container or virtual machine workload, such as web browsing, gaming, rendering, or machine learning.

Cudos Blockchain Compute has several features and benefits that make it stand out from other cloud computing services. Some of these are:

Cheaper and greener: The machines listed in the dApp are part of an open marketplace that includes distributed, renewable energy options. Cudos Blockchain Compute aims to use underutilized resources to provide the cheapest and most ethical choice for computing power.

Democratising access: Cudos Blockchain Compute affords users worldwide an equal opportunity to access computing resources, regardless of their location or financial status. All they need is a wallet address and some crypto.

Keeping your data: Cudos Blockchain Compute does not require users to hand over their personal information to access the service. Users can enjoy the pseudo-anonymity and privacy of using a wallet address.

GPUs: Cudos Blockchain Compute offers access to the latest GPU options via GPU passthrough for maximum performance.

Flexibility: Cudos Blockchain Compute allows users to pay only for what they use. Users can finish their VM session at any time and be refunded for any unused time immediately.

Crypto support: Cudos Blockchain Compute supports paying with CUDOS tokens, which offer a discount for supporting the network. It also plans to support full IBC token support and more in the future.

Remote virtual desktop: Cudos Blockchain Compute will soon offer a feature that allows users to browse the internet securely and remotely.

Cudos Blockchain Compute is currently in technical preview and is offering crypto rewards for participants who provide feedback. The service is part of the Cudos Network, a decentralized cloud computing network that aims to unite cloud and blockchain for Web3 applications. The Cudos Network is powered by a community of validators and workers who secure the network and provide computing power. Users can join the network as validators or workers and earn rewards in CUDOS tokens. The CUDOS token is also used for governance, staking, and paying for services on the network.

Cudos Token

Cudos token is the native utility token of the Cudos Network, a decentralized cloud computing network that aims to provide high-performance, trustless, and permissionless cloud computing for Web3 applications. Cudos token has several functions and benefits for the network and its users. Some of the ways to earn income with Cudos token are:

Staking: Cudos token holders can stake their tokens to secure the network and earn rewards. Staking rewards are paid out over a 10 year period, on a fixed per block amount that reduces slowly per block over that time frame. The total reward pool for the first year is 306 million CUDOS, and it decreases by 34 million CUDOS every year until the fifth year, where it stays at 68 million CUDOS for the remaining five years. Stakers can also choose different lockup periods to receive bonus rewards on top of their regular rewards. The bonus options are: 3 months lockup for 25% bonus, 9 months lockup for 50% bonus, and 18 months lockup for 100% bonus. The bonus is based on the staking reward earned over the contract period, not the initial stake amount.

Payment: Cudos token will also be used as a payment method for accessing the services and products offered by the Cudos Network and its partners. Users will be able to pay with CUDOS tokens to deploy smart contracts, create NFTs and digital assets, connect to oracles, access distributed virtual machines, and more. Paying with CUDOS tokens will also offer discounts and incentives for supporting the network.

Earning: Cudos token will also be earned by providing computing power to the network as a worker. Workers are users who share their idle computing resources with the network and receive rewards in CUDOS tokens. Workers can choose what type of workloads they want to run, such as web browsing, gaming, rendering, or machine learning. Workers can also benefit from the GPU passthrough feature that allows them to access the latest GPU options for maximum performance.