According to BlockBeats, DUNE404, backed by Animoca, is set to initiate tokenization on MagicEden on June 13. The project, deployed on the Base chain and based on the DN404 protocol standard, will allow for fragmentation into tokens post-tokenization.

The move marks a significant step for DUNE404, as it continues to expand its operations and offerings in the digital asset space. The tokenization process will provide users with the opportunity to fragment their assets, offering increased flexibility and potential for growth.

The Base chain deployment provides a robust and secure platform for the project, ensuring the smooth operation of the tokenization process. The use of the DN404 protocol standard further enhances the project's capabilities, providing a reliable framework for the fragmentation of assets into tokens.

This development is a testament to the growing influence of digital assets and blockchain technology in various sectors. As more projects like DUNE404 continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, the future of digital assets looks promising.