According to BlockBeats, Paradigm announced the launch of the Reth AlphaNet testnet on April 16. The testnet, based on the OP Stack standard, is a compatible rollup designed to maximize the performance of the Reth client and support the trial of Ethereum's cutting-edge research results.

The AlphaNet has several features. As a testnet rollup, it does not hold any actual asset value. Paradigm may periodically reset the network to introduce breakthrough changes. It has implemented several Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) that many other networks have not yet supported, including EIP-3074, EIP-7212, and EIP-2537, supporting new instructions and elliptic curve operations.

The AlphaNet is committed to breaking the 'gigagas' speed (1 billion gas per second), and Reth can achieve an execution speed of 10-30 billion gas per second under different configurations. The codebase is streamlined, including only 1500 lines of Rust code for testing, and is now open source under the Apache/MIT license.

It's worth mentioning that AlphaNet is built based on Reth rather than a fork. It implements various traits provided by the Reth SDK, allowing for high customization without the need for a fork. Developers can flexibly replace key components such as EVM, RPC, Mempool.

Paradigm stated that the goal of AlphaNet is to provide developers with an experimental platform to help innovate the second layer network and continuously break through Reth's performance bottlenecks. The short-term plan for AlphaNet includes launching a hosted version, releasing a compatible Foundry toolchain, and experimenting with new features such as EIP-3074 using the Rivet wallet.

In the medium to long term, Paradigm plans to continue adding more EIPs and implement parallel EVM, JIT/AOT optimization, state leasing, and other technologies on AlphaNet. The ultimate goal is to jointly promote the expansion of Ethereum and its second layer ecosystem with the community. Paradigm expects the Reth SDK to release version 1.0 in Q2 of this year, and AlphaNet will officially go live at the same time.