• Arkham uses its own proprietary artificial intelligence engine, ULTRA, to algorithmically match addresses with real-world entities to enhance transparency in the crypto industry.

  • Arkham introduces intel-to-earn, an intel economy that matches buyers and sellers of blockchain data at scale.

  • ARKM is the Arkham platform’s native utility token. It is used for:

    • Intel Exchange: ARKM is the currency of the Arkham Intel Exchange, the first open marketplace for trading crypto intelligence data.

    • Governance: Token holders are entitled governance rights to vote on the strategic direction of Arkham.

    • Incentives: Users earn ARKM rewards for submitting intel, referring new users, and other actions beneficial to the growth of the ecosystem.

  • Arkham has two main components: an Analytics Platform and an Intel Exchange.

    • The Arkham Platform provides data and analytics via:

      • Entity pages for individuals, companies, and other entities, showing current and historical portfolio holdings, searchable and sortable transaction history, profit and loss, and top counterparties.

      • Token pages showing top holders, transactions, and exchange flows.

      • Network visualizations mapping entity relationships and flow of funds.

      • Instant alerts for transactions fitting custom parameters.

    • The Arkham Intel Exchange allows anyone to buy and sell address labels and other intelligence.

      • Bounties: Users post bounties for specific intelligence by locking ARKM in a bounty contract. Bounty hunters submit intel for verification and receive the bounty if successful.

      • Auctions: Users with high-value information can also auction verified intelligence to the highest bidder via an auction system.

      • DATA Program: Users are rewarded for submitting intelligence used to train Ultra, Arkham’s proprietary AI engine.

  • The project has raised over 10,000,000 USD from two rounds of equity financing, with the latest equity round valued at 150,000,000 USD. Investors include Tim Draper, Bedrock Capital, Wintermute Trading, GSR Markets, and the co-founders of Palantir and OpenAI.

  • As at July 10th, 2023, the total supply of ARKM is 1,000,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 150,000,000 (15.00% of the total token supply).

  • Learn more about the token distribution of ARKM here.

1. What is Arkham?

  • Arkham is based on the premise that the labelling of entities on blockchain will unlock unprecedented transparency and push the industry forward for mass adoption.

  • Arkham’s intel-to-earn economy incentivizes the sourcing of data intelligence at scale and makes it available to everyone to provide greater clarity and transparency in the crypto industry.

2. Project Key Highlights

  • Entity Analytics: Arkham links blockchain addresses to entities like exchanges, funds, and whales and shows users key data and analytics on these entities to give them an edge in decision-making.

  • Token Pages: Arkham analytics are also applied on a token-by-token basis, so that users analyzing a token project can see its top holders, transaction activity, exchange flows, and other key metrics data.

  • Visualizer: The visualizer allows users to map relationships between addresses and entities to intuitively grasp token flows. Multi-chain Partnerships: Arkham has partnered with major blockchains to provide support for their networks, including BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, and Optimism. Arkham also supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • ULTRA: ULTRA is the technology behind Arkham, an AI-powered engine that algorithmically matches addresses to real-world entities. Ultra was developed over 3 years by Arkham core contributors with backing from the founders of Palantir and OpenAI.

  • Intel Exchange: There is large and growing demand for blockchain intelligence as crypto users become more sophisticated. There is also a large and growing community of blockchain sleuths who gather blockchain intelligence. However, there is not a market that matches these buyers and sellers, so crypto users miss out on valuable information and sleuths aren’t paid for their work. The Arkham Intel Exchange creates this market, allowing intel to be bought and sold through smart contract bounties and auctions.

3. Existing Products


Entity Pages: See current and historical portfolio holdings, performance history, top counterparties, exchange usage, and transactions.


Visualizer: Visualize entitiy's on-chain behaviour to understand all its counterparty relationships and track the flow of funds.


  • Token Pages: A tool for DYOR: see top holders and exchange flows. Sort and filter transactions.

4. Token sales and economics

4.1 Token sales data

Token Name


Token Type


Total Token Supply

1,000,000,000 ARKM

Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation

50,000,000 ARKM (5.00% of total token supply)

Binance Launchpad Sale Price

$0.05 USD / ARKM

Binance Launchpad Snapshot Start Date

July 11th 2023

Binance Launchpad Amount to be Raised

2,500,000 USD

Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

150,000,000 ARKM (15.00%)

4.2 Token allocation

Token Name


Ecosystem & Community Incentives

37.30% of the total token supply

Core Contributors

20.00% of the total token supply


17.50% of the total token supply

Foundation Treasury

17.20% of the total token supply

Binance Launchpad

5.00% of the total token supply


3.00% of the total token supply

ARKM token release schedule

5. Roadmap and Updates

5.1 Completed Milestones

Completion Date



August 2022

Private Beta Launch with Ethereum Coverage

January 2023

Launch alert features

Febuary-March 2023

Announce partnerships with BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, and Optimism

April 2023

Add bitcoin network support

May 2023

Releases Token Page feature

June 2023

Private Beta Surpasses 200,000 registered participants

  • Prior to launch, Arkham has been in a restricted private beta with over 200,000 registered participants, including over 5,000 crypto professionals at leading exchanges, trading firms, and publications.

  • More information can be found on Arkham's latest whitepaper

5.2 Current Roadmap

  • Q3 2023:

    • Public launch of Arkham Ultra

    • Launch of Arkham Intel Exchange

  • Q4 2023:

    • Release AI-powered data exploration features.

    • Launch Chainlink DON for Intel Verification: Smart contract intel verification will be validated using Chainlink's DON to enhance the security, decentralization, and reliability of the Intel Exchange.

    • Add DeFi Data Support: Analytics pages for current and historical data on DeFi protocols.

    • Arkham Intel Exchange support across chains.

5.3 Commercial and Business Development Progress

  1. Partnership to add BNB Chain support to the Arkham platform. Link

  2. Partnership to add Polygon support to the Arkham platform. Link

  3. Partnership to add Avalance support to the Arkham platform. Link

  4. Partnership to add Tron support to the Arkham platform. Link

  5. Partnership to add Base support to the Arkham platform. Link

  6. Partnership to add Optimism support to the Arkham platform. Link

6. Team background

Miguel Morel
Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Morel is an experienced crypto entrepreneur and investor. Investors in Miguel’s previous projects include Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, and Digital Currency Group.
Henry Fisher
Chief Technology Officer
Henry Fisher has led protocol development for multiple blockchain projects. Before working in crypto he was a software engineer at Tesla leading releases of new features to Tesla’s car reservation platform and the rest of the website.

7. Community

8. Appendix