• Move is a new smart contract programming language. Originally designed at Meta to power the Diem blockchain, the language is now being implemented by two of the newest projects in the L1 space: Aptos and Sui

  • The smart contract language landscape is currently dominated by two main players: Solidity and Rust. To start this report we provide an overview of the current L1 market and their smart contract language choice, as well as, discuss the reasons as to why we need a new smart contract programming language in the first place

  • We look more closely at Move in the second section of this report, starting with the genesis of the language. We then go through some of Move’s key features, including the focus on user-defined assets, its various safety enhancements, as well as its provisions for developer flexibility

  • The team behind Move use a two-pronged approach for their developer onboarding strategy, including targeting those developers who are yet to enter Web3. We further discuss the perceived network effects of Solidity and the EVM and whether they might be overstated

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