• Ripple’s favorable ruling created a ripple effect across the industry as altcoins surged in the wake of the outcome. While BTC and ETH prices remain tight within a narrow trading range ahead of regulatory clarity regarding ETF applications, markets appear to focus on other coins to ride the positive momentum. 

  • Telegram bots have gained significant attention as the token prices of several projects surged. Notably, activity on Telegram bots has also broken previous highs, with daily trading volume on bots exceeding US$10M.

  • Against the backdrop of rising interest rates, Treasury yields have steadily inched higher and exceed most stablecoin yields in the DeFi space today. The tokenized Treasury market has steadily grown in size and is worth over US$626M today.

  • StarkNet was in the spotlight in July after surpassing US$100M in TVL and registering a max daily TPS of 6.49. The growth, credited to key developments including the deployment of Quantum Leap v0.12.0 and the introduction of StarkNet Stack, helped reinforce StarkNet’s position in the competitive L2 ecosystem.

  • LayerZero drew attention by reaching over 42.8M total transactions and surpassing 50M cross-chain messages for the first time. With an increasing user base and transaction volume, the protocol’s growth continues to highlight the demand for cross-chain interoperability.


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