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  • Aptos and Sui are new Layer-1 projects that seek to solve the scalability and safety issues that are characteristic of the current Layer-1 space

  • Both blockchains utilize the new smart-contract specific programming language, Move. Move comes pre-built with features that hope to deliver an improvement in safety and privacy in the blockchain world. We look forward to monitoring developments in the language and whether it manages to deliver on its promises

  • Aptos and Sui have been developed by some of the top engineers and product developers in the Web2 space, and both feature a range of cutting-edge technical features which we dive into in this report

  • Aptos Labs and Mysten Labs (the team behind Sui) have both raised sizeable amounts of capital from a well-capitalized investor base

  • Given the extensive product experience in the background of these teams, both chains are looking to take crypto adoption to the global stage and target the next billion users

  • In this report, we look at the state of the current L1 market, dig into Aptos and Sui and where they fit in, as well analyzing in detail the similarities and differences between the two projects

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