Unchained Combats and Unlimited Possibilities
2021-07-19 12:00 PM (UTC)
SSR Collection
Extremely legendary artworks. Discern the unique sentiment in black & white Ink washing paintings, with special production of chinoiserie dynamic effect, depicted only by the most authentic masters. On every glamorous card, the careful brushstrokes and wonderful special effects seem to tell the evocative story of heroes. We believe that these heroes will create their own legends in the gaming world of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT! The probability of drawing this set of NFT collections is only 3%.
The Sacred
I possess the power of both Yin and Yang in my heart.
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1 / 6
SR Collection
The six distinctive heroes are brought back to life through delicate dynamic effects.
The hero cards in black and red colors show high-end artistic taste, while dynamic cards rendered by the heroes in the game make the heroes even more lifelike.
With the sand, sakura, and fallen leaves, the gaming world of NARAKA is waiting for your visit.
The drawing probability of super rare cards is only16.2%.
Viper Ning
The Enchantress
Ever since Viper Ning left the mountain, the rivers and lakes of Eternia Dynasty have been screaming with blood and gore again.
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1 / 12
R collection
The game illustration full of oriental fantasy and worthy collecting. Depicted in exquisite drawings, experience the ancient traditional settings from the world of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Combined with the unique world created by oriental mythology and the unique hero full of personal charm, each carefully drawn illustration is showing to players and collectors the gift created by Studio 24 for the global action game lovers -- the action competitive game, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. The drawing probability of super rare cards is only 80.8%.
Tarka Ji
The Earth is vast, but I have yet found a place to call home.
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1 / 20
Introduction to NARAKA.
NARAKA HERO is a new collectible crypto card series published by MetaList Lab,which is licensed by Netease' Game NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.
With its second global beta attracting over 1 million participants in just 72 hours, and witnessing 145,000+ concurrent players, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT secured the fifth most-played game spot on Steam and made itself one of the most successful Chinese game on Steam, even before its official release.During the pre-sale period, NARAKA has ranked first on the Steam bestseller list.
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is an exciting new take on the Battle Royale genre: with player experience built around three core pillars of gameplay; speed, agility and close-quarters combat. To facilitate this, players use grappling hooks to traverse trees, buildings and all manner of temples and structures littered across Morus’ stunning environment. Coupled with versatile parkour skills, players can quickly scale anything in sight, offering huge variations in strategy — not to mention tactical verticality — to each pulsating battle.
Introduction to Metalist
Metalist Lab is a team of enthusiasts of digital civilization. It has authorizational IP cooperation from many famous game companies and top artists, and provides digital collection with the power of artistic creation in the field of Blockchain. It aims to build an ideal ecological environment based on the rights and interests of collections in the digital world, and then to explore the integration of the digital world as well as the real world together with collectors.