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Mystery Boxes
Exploring the undefined realm that unleashes the potentials of creation
2021.07.27 16:00 PM - 2021.07.30 17:00 PM (UTC)
The inaugural Binance NFT Marketplace Premium Event for Contemporary Art Auction invites leading international contemporary artists to create original NFT works for sale on this innovative new platform. The title of this event “ADAHA” is derived from the work of artist Tianzhuo Chen, and refers to the core of a fictional belief system that he created using new media and theatre performances. In stark contrast to the spiritual mode of world making in ADAHA, Crystalline Work (Arctic) by John Gerrard stands on the side of reason, establishing an immersive world within a game engine. Such dual variation between the hyperbolic religion of ADAHA and the pursuit of the actual in Gerrard’s Crystalline world runs throughout the show, with 8 distinct worlds and novel belief systems virtually situated by the 8 invited artists.
John Gerrard
John Gerrard is widely considered a pioneer of simulation within contemporary art, creating works that address subjects of energy, technology, and ecology. His most recognized piece, Western Flag, simulates a flag of smoke on the site of the world’s first major oil strike in Texas, USA and recalls the CO2 legacy that it left behind. He is included in the collections of MoMA, NY, Tate, London; LACMA, LA; M+, HK; and other international institutions. He is represented by Pace globally.
Tianzhuo Chen
Adapted from his solo show at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Tianzhuo Chen creates iconic characters that merges underground parties, theater and rituals.
Timur Si-Qin
Timur Si-Qin weaves the evolution of culture, the dynamics of cognition, and contemporary philosophy to create a new kind of environmental art.
Recently shown in major film festivals such as Rotterdam and Jihlava, MAOHAONAN explore digital perceptions with talented post-production techniques.
Tingwei Li
Shortlisted in the Forbes' "30 Under 30 China", the works of Tingwei Li critically examine the shifting human consciousness in consumer society.
Rhett Tsai
Rhett Tsai explores new forms of cyberculture in China in critical reflection upon the condition of contemporary media society.
FEI Yining
Recently shown in UCCA Museums, the works of FEI Yining explore ambiguous emotions––uncertainty, anxiety, and desire in a post-human condition.
The anonymous artist PPPEPPER3000 creates abstract short videos in the style of Art Blocks.
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Crystalline Work (Arctic)
John Gerrard
In Crystalline Work (Arctic), a robot arm mines the physics of ice formation to produce a series of unique crystal layouts, one an hour, running on Arctic time. On summer solstice--June 21st 2021--twenty four unique solutions were produced and minted as hybrid NFTs. This series is derived from the artist's annual solar simulation of the same name. Fifty percent of artist proceeds from this project are dedicated to supporting regenerative and biological farming organisations.
Next work generation in process
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