This year I started with $4,700, today I hit $800,000
I didn't do it with $BTC, $ETH, $TIA.
I bought: $SOL $14.37 $AGRS $0.67 $KAS $0.0125 $RLB $0.0175 $TAO $55 $DUBBZ $0.65 Now,

I'm sharing my list of the next 100x plays. It's not too late to make it in crypto

I conducted comprehensive research on ~10,000 coins from CMC & Coingecko and carefully selected the best ones so that you don't have to.

My focus was specifically on the following categories of tokens: GameFi, AI, RWA. Keep reading to discover these findings

Low-caps have the potential to transform a small portion of your funds into a big bag. However, it's crucial to be aware of the risks. Your hard-earned capital can easily plummet by -99%. While there is the potential to achieve overnight wealth, the odds are very low

Mid and High-cap altcoins: the backbone of any portfolio. They can outperform BTC and ETH with ease. It's important to hold some of them in your portfolio because they already have functioning products, VC support, and major partnerships all in one package.

𝟙. Let's kick off with Low caps!

These projects have a market cap ranging from $5M to $30M

And for the purposes of today's shilling, lets just look at GameFi Tokens
➬ $MV ~$8.6M
➬ $SIN~$9M
➬ $CATE ~$11M
➬ $CBY ~$16M
➬ $TVK ~$16M
➬ $LOKA~$33M
➬ $ERN~$40M Source @Ardizor