Ankr, a leading Web3 developer hub, has announced a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud to unveil a groundbreaking product that promises to revolutionize the way developers access blockchain infrastructure. The collaboration introduces “Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC,” a Web3-native Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service designed to offer high-performance blockchain node access for organizations and enterprises.

This innovative offering is now available on Tencent Cloud’s online marketplace and aims to cater to the growing demand for dependable and scalable Web3 infrastructure. The Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC service, a joint venture of Ankr and Tencent Cloud, signifies the alignment of the two tech giants’ goals: to provide robust Web3 infrastructure and developer services for the Web3 community.

Stanley Wu, Co-Founder and CTO of Ankr, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “The initiation of our partnership with Tencent Cloud is a pivotal moment for Ankr and indicates the leaps made by the decentralized internet in integrating with the vital infrastructure of the broader web ecosystem. It paves the way for an era of accelerated development in blockchain applications, whether from emerging Web3 initiatives or established enterprises and creates a path for further collaboration and innovation.”

Forging a Path for Accelerated Web3 Development

This collaboration comes at a time when the Web3 ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth and evolving into an integral part of the digital landscape. With this RPC service, developers gain swift access to essential blockchain networks, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS, through a user-friendly portal. This development is set to empower developers to efficiently query data and process transactions across various blockchains, unleashing new possibilities for Web3 application development.

The partnership between Ankr and Tencent Cloud combines the strengths of both companies. Ankr brings its cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure to the table, while Tencent Cloud contributes its unparalleled expertise in cloud computing and network capabilities. The result is a high-performance RPC Service with the ability to handle high concurrency, supporting up to 1,800 requests per second per chain. Ankr’s expertise in node management and infrastructure stability adds a robust foundation to the service.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, shared his enthusiasm about the project, saying, “With the launch of our first Web3-native product, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, we look forward to further demonstrating our commitment to the global Web3 community with partners like Ankr. Tencent Cloud is glad to be offering unprecedented capabilities to empower developers and to support the growth of decentralized applications, and we are well prepared and equipped to continue evolving to meet market needs and provide the best Web3-related features and services.”

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC will offer several versions of the service, including a public version with free blockchain interaction, a premium version with Pay-as-you-Go options for enhanced throughput and rate limits, and an enterprise-exclusive version tailored to cover a wider range of use cases and regions globally. Additionally, the service will gradually integrate support for additional blockchains and an advanced API service into the public and premium versions.

Ankr has established itself as a versatile Web3 developer hub, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to build Web3 applications and connect them to over 30 blockchains. Ankr’s infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the Web3 landscape, processing trillions of transactions annually and serving as the primary infrastructure provider for Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Fantom chains as of 2023. Their diverse product portfolio includes multi-chain dApp development tools, AppChain engineering services, crypto staking solutions, and a globally distributed node infrastructure, all aimed at simplifying Web3 development and participation in the crypto economy.

The collaboration between Ankr and Tencent Cloud not only represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 infrastructure but also underscores the dedication of these industry leaders to empower developers and enterprises to embrace the Web3 era. With the introduction of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC and the combined expertise of these two tech giants, the future of Web3 development is poised for unprecedented growth, innovation, and accessibility. This partnership sets a compelling precedent for the transformative possibilities that lie ahead in the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.