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Binance Angel Program
Angels are the heart of our community. Join our program to help build a better crypto experience for everyone.
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Join Our Angel Family.
Become a Binance Angel
Our Angel Program gives you a platform to do what you love and advance the crypto cause. As an extension of our brand, you’ll have the opportunity to build authentic relationships and connect to a global community of crypto users. If you’re interested in becoming a Binance Angel, we’d love to hear from you!
Join The Binance Angel Program
Do What You Love. Join Our Angel Family.
What Are Binance Angels?
Binance Angels are our most active and passionate community builders. We’re looking for dedicated volunteers from all walks of life who share our values. Bring your unique voice and perspective to help advance the crypto cause and increase the freedom of money for all. Want to become a Binance Angel? Fill out our short application form to get started.
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Helpful FAQs For Wannabe Angels
What do a Binance Angel do?
As an Angel, you’ll be tasked with helping Binance grow. We’ll help you accomplish meaningful goals within the world of crypto, whether it’s helping new users access the platform, responding to user questions and comments, testing and giving feedback on beta features and products, assisting in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups, helping moderate online and offline communities, translating and proofreading content, and providing Binance with market feedback and suggestions.
What are the benefits of becoming a Binance Angel?
Get exclusive invites to all our events, either as a privileged guest or organizer. Receive special access to members of the Binance team and get invited to special Binance Angel meet-ups featuring senior Binance team members alongside our global Angel community. You’ll also receive limited-edition gifts, made exclusively for Binance Angels. Finally, your feedback and suggestions will help shape the future of crypto
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