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Futures 101

Futures 101

How Take-Profit and Stop-Loss Orders Can Help Traders Manage Risk Better

Main Takeaway: Risk management techniques such as setting up take-profit and stop-loss orders can help protect your trading account from outsized losses. Binance Futures enables users to set TP/SL orders simultaneously to help them better assess their risk-to-reward ratio. Some of the most successful traders believe that stop-loss orders can be considered a free insurance policy.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Binance Futures

Key Takeaways: Binance Futures has gathered the 10 most frequently asked questions about the trading platform to help traders have a better understanding. These questions have to deal with liquidation, leverage, stop-loss orders, and many more. Users can reach out to our customer support team or visit Binance Academy for more information about Binance Futures.

How to Implement Market-Neutral Strategies with Binance Futures

A market-neutral trading strategy aims to make returns that are uncorrelated to the movements of the cryptocurrency market. It involves keeping an ​​unbiased stance by taking both long and short positions.

COIN-Margined or USDⓈ-Margined, What Futures Contract Suits You?

Crypto derivatives are financial instruments that represent the value of an underlying digital asset. These futures contracts enable traders to profit from short-term price movements in either direction. In contrast, traders in the spot markets can only benefit when the cryptocurrencies they hold increase in market value over time.

Reasons to Consider Trading Futures

Main Takeaway: Futures trading is one of the preferred instruments among experienced traders. Market-neutral strategies can be implemented to profit from either direction of the market. With Binance Futures, buying and selling crypto derivatives has never been easier.

What Is Futures Funding Rate And Why It Matters

What Is Futures Funding Rate And Why It Matters

10 Reasons Why You Should Trade on Binance Futures

Binance Futures offers a huge selection of cryptos with new coins being listed constantly to provide traders with the best trading experience. Users can take advantage of low trading fees and high liquidity to perform their trades. Multiple security features, including a $300 million Insurance Fund, are in place to ensure that users are protected 24/7.

BUSD: All You Need To Know About the Stablecoin

Stablecoins are an important crypto asset class that has been gaining popularity with traders and investors alike. One of the few stablecoins that provides monthly audits is BUSD, making it highly regulated. Learn about what BUSD is used for, advantages BUSD has to offer, and the advancements it has made in the space.

Crypto Futures Trading For Beginners: Here’s a 5-Step Plan to Get Started!

With cryptocurrencies back in full swing, traders may want to expand the opportunity and maximize the moment’s potential. One of the many ways that anyone can benefit beyond what a simple spot trade offers is through a Bitcoin futures trade. Find out how you can get started in this article.

Three Reasons To Trade COIN-Margined Futures in a Bull Market

Binance offers crypto futures contracts known as COIN-margined contracts. In this article, you will learn why COIN-margined contracts are an excellent trade strategy in bull markets.

How to Use the Multi-Assets Mode to Trade BUSD-M Futures?

Trading on Binance has become more versatile, especially since the addition of Multi-Assets Mode. This new feature provides more use cases for USD-M Futures contracts, allowing traders to be more agile and adaptable in different market conditions.

3 Reasons Why You Should Trade BUSD-margined Futures Contracts

BUSD-margined futures are the newest futures contracts available on Binance. Find out the 3 key reasons how BUSD-margined contracts could give you an edge in the markets.