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Binance NFT Feature Update: Get to Know Your NFT Better With New Indices


Discover Binance NFT’s latest feature update, including new indices to evaluate projects, our first-ever NFT ranking boards and daily handpicked recommendations on the homepage.

Main Takeaways

  • Our latest update brings an array of fresh features to the Binance NFT marketplace. 

  • We’ve added new indices such as  Floor Price, Volume, Items and Last Price to help users better assess the value of NFT projects.

  • New NFT collectors who are unsure which NFTs to buy or trade can browse our new ranking boards and recommended creators/collections.

Our latest update brings an array of fresh features to the Binance NFT marketplace. We’ve updated the homepage to feature creator and collection recommendations and a new ranking boards system. To help collectors better assess the value of NFT projects, we’ve also added key indices such as Floor Price, Volume, Items and Last Price.

Binance NFT will continue to push consistent updates and new features to build not only a marketplace but the ultimate platform for NFT collectors and creators to connect and create.

More Ways to Evaluate NFT Projects

We’ve introduced four new indicators, Floor Price, Volume, Items and Last Price, to help collectors measure and assess the value of an NFT project. You can find each indicator on the collection page.

1. Floor price

  • The floor price is the lowest price available for a collection NFT. Floor price is one of the most widely used metrics because it shows the entry cost to own an NFT in a specific collection. 

2. Volume 

  • View a collection’s trading volume over the past seven days.

3. Items 

  • Track a collection’s total NFT assets across all blockchain networks.

4. Last price

  • Follow the latest price an NFT was traded or sold for.

Unlike the Creator Profile Page, the new Collection Page only serves as an aggregator that displays all the key information in one place. For example, theCreator Profile Page will only display NFTs created by the creator, while the Collection Page will include all the NFTs under the collection - no matter the owner, creator or seller. The new indices will also serve as an aid to better understand the demand and performance of the collection NFTs. 

As a premier NFT platform with the largest crypto community in the world, we’re always looking for ways to spotlight talented and budding artists on our platform to more users. We’re excited to announce we’ll be spotlighting four different recommended creators and collections every day. Each recommended creator and collection is handpicked based on quality, popularity and recency of the creator. If you’re a new collector unsure where and how to start, you can explore our recommended section to begin your NFT journey. 

Ranking Boards

Our next feature upgrade includes new ranking boards that showcase the top three daily and weekly NFT sales, collections and creators across the Binance NFT Marketplace. 

With the new ranking boards, collectors can get a better picture of the hottest projects, NFTs or creators on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

Things You Missed

In case you’ve missed our previous updates, Binance NFT now supports NFT deposits and withdrawals from the Ethereum and BNB Chain (former BSC) network; and we recently launched our IGO initiative to support the future of NFT gaming.  If you’re interested in launching an IGO collection on Binance NFT, please complete this application form. The Binance NFT team will review and contact you if your submission is approved.

We’re always finding more ways to expand our marketplace and the NFT  ecosystem. With these new initiatives and features, we hope collectors and creators can take away a meaningful experience on our platform beyond just a transaction. 

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