Celebrate Five Years of Binance with Zero Bitcoin Trading Fees


Main takeaway

  • As #BinanceTurns5,  join in the celebration with zero fees on a selection of BTC trading pairs

  • Binance has removed fees from 13 stablecoin and fiat pairs

Trading BTC just got a whole lot cheaper. Well… free, in fact! We’re in the giving mood and want to show our community how much they’re appreciated as we turn five years old.

It wouldn’t be a good birthday without a few nice presents. Along with our giveaways and promotions to celebrate as #BinanceTurns5, we’re dropping trading fees on a wide range of bitcoin/stablecoin and bitcoin/fiat pairs. That’s right - no matter if you’re swapping into BUSD, USDC or any other supported token/currency, you won’t spend a thing on trading fees.

Get that Fee-Free Feeling when Trading Bitcoin

As the world’s most well-known and widely-traded cryptocurrency, bitcoin is synonymous with the crypto industry as a whole. So, what better way, we thought, to celebrate us turning five than removing fees on some of your favorite pairs? From today on, you’ll experience fee-free trading on thirteen stablecoin and fiat BTC combinations. These are:














Experience the Zero Fee Lifestyle from July 08, 2022

Giving back to our Binancian community is extremely important to us. And what better way to do that than putting a little BTC back in your pocket? As these new rates will be in effect until further notice, we’re extending the five-year good cheer beyond our two weeks of anniversary celebrations. We couldn’t have done it without you, so here’s a little gift on us.

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