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How To Start A Crypto Business In Two Simple Steps With Binance Code


Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re looking to step into the crypto economy, you can consider distributing or reselling Binance Codes.

  • Binance Codes are prepaid crypto vouchers that offer a faster and cheaper way of transaction.

  • Find out how to use Binance Code to make your business crypto-friendly in 2 simple steps.

Interested in crypto-related business opportunities? Learn how to start your own crypto-friendly business in two simple steps with Binance Codes. 

Here’s your chance at stepping into the crypto economy. If you’re wondering how you can start a crypto business, take a look at Binance Code and the potential business opportunities it offers. Binance Code Partners include distributors, exchange brokers and merchants reselling, trading and accepting Binance Codes respectively, offering a few ways for you to start your own crypto business.

What Is Binance Code?

Binance Codes are prepaid crypto vouchers that come in secure code forms. Binance Codes can be used for customer rewards, payment, disbursement and more, making them a useful addition to businesses. Users can buy Binance codes from distributors and exchange brokers and redeem them on the Binance platform with zero fees during the redemption process, making it one of the cheapest and fastest ways to deposit crypto. Fund will be credited to the user's Binance Funding Wallet immediately after successfully redeeming. 

Why Business Owners Use Binance Code

Business owners that are looking to reap the benefits of being crypto-friendly, including offering a better wider payment experience for customers, positioning themselves as a forward-thinking brand can do so easily with Binance Code. Here are some ways Binance Code is used by businesses:

Simplify crypto onboarding process

For beginners, getting into crypto may seem like an intimidating process. Binance Codes offer a fast and easy way of starting. Businesses can use Binance Codes to ensure a smoother onboarding process for their customers.

Offer users more flexibility

Binance Codes can be used on platforms outside of the Binance ecosystem, making it more convenient for Binance Code users. In addition, there are a variety of tokens and flexible amounts to generate, letting businesses offer a wider range of payment options compared to current deposit methods.

Provides more security

Apart from providing anonymity, Binance Codes allow users to trade and transfer crypto securely without fiat or P2P restrictions. 


The Binance Code API allows Binance Code Partners to create codes in any token value of your choice, check the token value of a specific code, and redeem codes instantly.

Your Binance Code Business Model

As a Binance Code Partner, you can help businesses, crypto users and non-users solve real-world issues and provide a better customer experience when you distribute or become an exchange broker. Here’s how:


As a distributor of Binance Codes, you can resell Binance Codes at any price or currency to increase your sales revenue and attract crypto enthusiasts to your outlet.

Exchange Broker

Start your own crypto trading business on your platform and facilitate crypto deposits, withdrawals and trades. With Binance Codes, you can provide a platform where interested crypto customers who are restricted by deposit and withdrawal methods can trade and where users seeking to transfer assets can do so without the extra costly fees.

Become a Binance Code Partner in Two Steps

Forget complex distributor applications and long waiting times. To start a business with Binance Code, you only need to do these two simple steps:

  1. Download and set up Binance Code API

  2. Fund your Binance Funding Wallet to generate Binance Codes instantly via API. 

The API also supports instant Binance Code value checking and redemption. For more details, click here.


Whether you’re looking to start a new venture, attract a new customer base or boost sales revenue via reselling, Binance Code can allow you to explore a new crypto venture. Become a partner now and start your business with Binance Code.

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