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Binance Football Fever 2022: How to Earn Your Share of Rewards Worth $1,000,000 (USD)


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Football Fever 2022 launches on November 7, 2022, enabling football fans to participate in no-cost, no-loss daily challenges. 

  • Participants will be able to showcase their sports knowledge as world-class football comes to Qatar from Nov. 20 to Dec. 18, 2022.

  • To participate, fans will need to claim a Binance Football Fever NFT Passport.

  • Rewards include NFTs, premium fan experiences, and tokens worth up to $1 million to be shared between the participants.

November 2022 sees the start of the biggest sporting event of the year as 32 national football teams gather in Qatar to battle it out and decide the fate of the crown. Binance Fan Token will be hosting a free daily challenge during this period as part of its Binance Football Fever event. Fans are encouraged to come together, express their love for the game, and share the rewards.

 A record-breaking five billion people are expected to be watching the feast of football scheduled to take place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, 2022, according to the tournament organizers. That’s right, it’s the biggest sporting event of the year, with 32 national football teams coming together for 64 world-class matches to determine the ultimate champion. 

Here at Binance, we’re launching our very own “Binance Football Fever 2022” on November 7 in anticipation of the sporting extravaganza that we all eagerly await. This new online challenge is designed to bring people from all over the world together, connecting fans through a fun, no-loss activity with total rewards worth $1 million (USD).

Those enrolled in our Football Fever Daily Challenge, hosted by Binance Fan Token, will be eligible for hefty rewards, including tokens, limited-edition NFTs, and premium club experiences (such as player meetings and training-ground tours).

This article will introduce how the Daily Challenge works and what you need to do to take part, explore the rewards on offer, and provide an overview of Binance Fan Token for those unfamiliar with it. Shin pads in, boots on. It’s game time!

What is the Daily Challenge (Binance Football Fever 2022)?

On each day between November 20 and December 18, 2022, on which international football matches are being played, fans will be able to use their sports knowledge to make informed judgements on the outcomes of those games. 

Every day, participants will be ranked according to the accuracy of their entries. Any additional multipliers users may have earned will be accounted for, and rewards will then be distributed based on the resulting rankings. 

There’s no entry fee to be paid, and no assets will be at risk of being lost. Better yet, the rewards go up with each passing day, with tokens worth $15,000 USD to be shared among participants on the first day of matches on November 20, and going all the way up to $60,000 USD on the final day, which falls on December 18, 2022. 

The combined rewards to be shared between all Daily Challenge winners amounts to $1 million, which will be distributed in digital assets. Note that each user’s daily share of rewards will be limited to a maximum of $1,000. All you have to do to get a chance of earning a share of rewards is to correctly anticipate the results of each day’s games.

How to Take Part in the Football Fever Daily Challenge

To take part in the Daily Challenge, fans must first claim a Binance Football Fever (BFF) NFT Passport, which is available on the Binance Fan Token Platform. There are three different types of BFF NFT Passport, each with different requirements, both in terms of how it’s obtained and what activities it unlocks.

The Trial Passport

The Trial Passport is available to new Binance users who register an account here during the Binance Football Fever period (November 7 to December 18, 2022). Please note that you are only considered a new user for the purposes of BFF if you register on the dedicated Binance Football Fever page, and not through any other entry point.

The Trial Passport NFT unlocks three days of Daily Challenges, although rewards can only be claimed once identity verification has been completed. Please note that the Trial Passport is not available to those who are already registered as Binance users at the time Binance Football Fever kicks off.

The Standard Passport

The Standard Passport is available to any new Binance users who register an account through the dedicated Binance Football Fever page during the period November 7 to December 18, 2022, and then go on to complete the identity verification process. 

Pre-existing Binance users can claim a Standard Passport if they either (a) invite one other person who then registers to join Binance during the Binance Football Fever period, or (b) hold one Binance Fan Token (LAZIO, PORTO, SANTOS, or ALPINE). The Standard Passport unlocks 12 days of Daily Challenges — plus the associated rewards.

The Super Passport

The Super Passport is available to everyone, but requires you to either hold more than 10 Fan Tokens with Binance, or successfully invite three new users who register with Binance during the BFF period. The Super Passport unlocks 23 days of Daily Challenges — which includes every game to be played in Qatar — and means you are eligible for a share of all the rewards available during Binance Football Fever. 

All three types of NFT Passport will be available starting November 7, 2022. Fans can start registering anticipated match results from November 11, 2022 onward. Note that users must submit their entry for each Daily Challenge no later than the scheduled kick-off time of the first match of that day.

Rewards: Tokens, NFTs, and Fan Experiences

As mentioned, the prizes to be won in Binance Football Fever are worth a grand total of $1,000,000. Rewards for each Daily Challenge will be distributed in the form of crypto rather than fiat, and anyone who takes part will be awarded a commemorative Pride Of Nations NFT. These digital collectibles celebrate the 32 teams participating in the world’s biggest international football tournament, and come in Gold (for those who guess the correct score), Silver (for those who guess the match winner), and Bronze (for those who fail to make correct guesses). These NFTs are then tallied to work out participants’ daily rankings.

There’s also an overall leaderboard, which tracks user rankings for the entirety of the Binance Football Fever competition. No extra action is needed from fans taking part in the Daily Challenges: the leaderboard simply records the best overall performances cumulatively across all Daily Challenges. 

Once the tournament in Qatar has concluded, additional rewards will be distributed to those at the top of the overall leaderboard. These will include online and offline experiences with the teams currently on the Binance Fan Token Platform: Lazio from Italy’s Serie A; FC Porto from Portugal’s Primeira Liga; Brazil’s Santos FC, plus the BWT Alpine F1 Team representing Formula One.

What is Binance Fan Token?

The Binance Fan Token Platform is the premier crypto hub for sports fans and their favorite teams. Binance is constantly adding top-tier sports clubs to Fan Token’s roster – as well as some of the most exciting brands across gaming, e-sports and entertainment – to bring the fan experience into the crypto world and to new heights. 

Our platform is constantly launching new Binance Fan Tokens and partnerships to allow supporters to engage with their favorite teams in an ever-growing number of ways. By using digital tokens, fans can participate in a range of exciting activities that involve unique rewards, signed merchandise, special team and brand experiences, as well as access to limited-edition NFTs and exclusive votes on club-related decisions. We’re looking forward for you to join the BFF Daily Challenge with Binance Fan Token. Don’t forget to claim your BFF NFT Passport starting November 7, 2022, to take part. 

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