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Supporting Web3 Projects Post-Listing


Main Takeaways

  • Binance’s Post Listing team offers growth, ecosystem, and operations support for free to any project that lists on Binance.

  • Projects can leverage the width and breadth of experience available at Binance to continue building stronger than ever.

Learn about what Binance’s Post Listing team has to offer your Web3 project when it comes to building for the future.

For developing and growing Web3 projects, getting listed on a prominent exchange is a common goal. However, the journey doesn’t just end with a listing, and it’s often where some of the most important work starts. No doubt a listing attracts attention, but it doesn’t guarantee a successful future.

With the Binance Post Listing team at your side, it becomes easier to navigate a clear path toward improved security and risk management. The services covered below are by no means exhaustive, but they cover most areas of support you can expect once Binance lists your Web3 project, all of which is free.

Manage Risk With Post Listing Guidance

A critical part of any project’s success is how they prevent and deal with risk. The Binance Post Listing team splits the topic into two areas where it provides guidance: pre-incident and post-incident.


With the Post Listing team’s help, projects can proactively identify and mitigate various risk types. These include security, financial, operational, and reputational risks. Carefully managing these provides the best experience for a project and its community. Binance’s pre-incident guidance usually involves:

  1. Enrolling listed projects in its Project Shield Program. The Post Listing team works with external auditors and Binance’s internal security team to boost smart contract security for listed projects.

  2. Offering projects collated security tips that help mitigate the most common security risks. Along with personalized advice, the team has a wealth of resources to share with projects covering DNS attacks, Web2 vulnerabilities, and everything in between.

  3. Running consultations to improve a project’s overall quality and reduce the chance of future risks. From tokenomics best practice to handling a project’s community, the Post Listing team can cover the essentials every project needs.


While all attempts are made to avoid incidents, projects need proper crisis management should they occur. The Post Listing team can help a project coordinate an effective response to an incident and work with the greater Binance team for more support. During a hack or other security incident, the Post Listing team’s collective experience can help bring confidence to a project’s user base. Some examples of post-incident support include:

  1. The Ronin bridge hack. Binance’s Post Listing team supported the Axie Infinity team and community while the Ronin bridge was rebuilt. A joint effort also helped recover $5.8 million (USD) worth of the hacked funds.

  2. Managing the effects of the LUNA collapse in the Solana ecosystem. Binance managed to contact a user facing liquidation risk of a margin position that could potentially drain the protocol’s liquidity. This ultimately led to a more diversified redistribution of the wallet’s positions.

  3. A cross-bridge issue with the pNetwork resulted in the minting of a large supply of pGALA tokens. The Post Listing team helped create a recovery plan alongside pNetwork and advised them on their post-mortem.

"The Binance Post Listing team has been incredibly helpful and professional in everything they have worked with us on. Gala encountered a few obstacles not of our own making [in 2022], such as when a third-party external bridge was compromised, and the Binance Post Listing team was very quick to align with us and take the necessary actions to protect our shared community. Their professionalism and diligence are a credit to the space." 

- Jason Brink, President of Blockchain at Gala Games

Handling Efficient Operations

Another key area of support the Post Listing team offers is operational requests. For example, a project may want to know the best way to conduct an airdrop, upgrade its network, or hard fork its blockchain. Once a project reaches out with a request, the Post Listing team gathers the requirements and provides detailed suggestions based on experience. All this is bundled together and coordinated with internal Binance teams who support the process from kickoff to execution.

The Post Listing team supported over 70 requests in the second half of 2022 alone, with many spanning months of work. From supporting the IRISNet network upgrade to the second round airdrop of Terra (LUNA), the scope of help on offer is extensive and spans everything a project may need.

Effectively Showcasing Projects

A key part of any project’s long-term success is showcasing it to the blockchain ecosystem and prospective users. The Post Listing team can help projects grow their brand awareness amongst our Binancian community with concerted marketing efforts. These efforts are run across different markets, in multiple languages, and with different marketing goals in mind.

One popular option is creating content that educates the community on a project’s use cases. The Binance Academy Learn and Earn program, for example, uses Binance’s content experts to help share a project's key ideas and functions through an interactive reading experience. The Post Listing team also supports creating token campaigns in cooperation with Binance’s internal teams, such as the Learn & Trade program.

Building In-person Communities Globally

There’s nothing like meeting up with your project’s local community. Building this takes time, so leveraging the Post Listing team’s event connections can help kickstart the process. An offline, face-to-face setting helps build trust, and listed Binance projects have already enjoyed help securing prominent spots at Binance Blockchain Week in Paris and Dubai. From Elrond to BiSwap and Gala Games, we’ve been proud to help grow attendance for our supported projects’ events.

Creating Beneficial Connections With Binance Products

There’s more to building a project than just developing a DApp. It’s also about entering into the growing ecosystem of linked blockchain products and services. Through Binance, a listed project can tap into its established product suite and offer a rounded experience to its users. This helps create more value and utility for the project’s community and soon-to-be users. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Binance Card

Binance Card is a great way for eligible users to spend crypto in millions of stores worldwide. The Post Listing team has helped projects like Ripple onboard to Binance Card and add extra utility to their coin for expenditures.

Binance Connect

Onboarding into crypto for newcomers requires a simple fiat-to-crypto service. Binance Connect offers just that, making it the perfect tool for integrating into any listed project. You can read more about the process with SafePal’s successful partnership.

Binance NFT

Using a trusted marketplace for launching a new NFT collection can help contribute to its success. It’s not uncommon for projects to issue new collections throughout their lifetime, and listed projects can take advantage of Binance NFT to do this. Both STEPN and League of Kingdoms are great examples of the potential opportunities on offer.

Treasury stablecoin diversification

The dangers of a treasury without diversification are plain to see, especially if a project’s native token is involved. The Post Listing team can help listed projects identify this risk and introduce stablecoin options to the treasury. Having a regulated stablecoin like BUSD in reserves often helps improve a project’s image and risk profile for its community and potential users.

BUSD & other stablecoin implementations on layer one networks

As one of the market’s most popular stablecoins, launching BUSD on your layer one blockchain can help bring it more utility. Two examples include Polygon and Avalanche, who both welcomed BUSD to their networks in cooperation with Binance and its Post Listing team.

Our team has also helped numerous projects enable stablecoin deposits and withdrawals on Binance to their layer one networks. Both Stellar and Algorand, for example, have completed successful USDC integrations.

Post Listing Is the Time to Keep Building

By working closely with the Post Listing team, projects can continue building from strength to strength. Access to our experience, advice, and connections can streamline the development process across multiple. All in all, this benefits everyone involved, from the community to new potential users and the project team itself. At Binance, the journey doesn’t end at listing; it’s where it really begins.

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