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How Has the Binance Pay and Bolt+ Partnership Changed Game Streaming in Web3?


Main Takeaways

  • Bolt+ is a first-of-its-kind social entertainment platform built on the blockchain.

  • Binance’s borderless, contactless, and secure crypto payment system, Binance Pay, allows businesses and services to become more crypto-friendly.

  • Transforming the traditional streaming experience, Bolt+ incorporates Binance Pay to instantly allow viewers to send live tips and gifts to content creators using crypto.

Discover how our partnership with Bolt+ has helped elevate the traditional streaming experience for content creators on its platform. 

Live streaming is pivoting into the exciting world of Web3 and crypto as the partnership between Binance Pay and Bolt+ gives content creators new tools to build, engage, and connect with audiences.

On top of elevating the streaming experience for content creators, the Binance Pay and Bolt+ partnership has opened up powerful new opportunities for content creators on the Bolt+ platform. Read more about South African streamer Paul Prinsloo's transformative streaming experience on Bolt+. 

What is Bolt+?

Part of Bolt Global, Bolt+ is the very first blockchain-based social entertainment platform available on the web, iOS, Android, and smart TV applications. With this partnership, Binance users from over 150 countries can now access channels full of immersive streaming content and connect directly with its creators.

Moreover, Binance users can now send their favorite Bolt+ content creators virtual gifts and tips using crypto from their Binance wallet. Creators can then cash out their earnings any time they like via Binance Pay, with the funds credited directly to their Funding Wallet on Binance. 

What's the Bolt+ Web3 Experience Like for Game Streamers Like Paul Prinsloo?

Traditional streaming options are rather limited, and most new content creators lean towards the same platforms their favorite streamers use. But as the interests of digital natives change, the tools, features, and opportunities offered by well-known streaming platforms have been found wanting. Even a seasoned content creator like Paul has long been on the lookout for new platforms on which to connect with his audiences. That’s when he found a brand new one in an unlikely place. 

“I saw Bolt+ in one of Binance’s promotional emails and it said, ‘Bolt is now partnered with Binance.’ I thought, what’s this?!”

In the short time Paul has been streaming online games on Bolt+, the rewards have been flowing in abundance. The culture of tipping and gifting is becoming more well-established, and the immediate, secure nature of the transactions via Binance Pay is proving incredibly convenient for both users and content creators.

"The experience of going live has been relatively seamless," Paul says. "The advantage of Binance Pay is already huge. With Binance Pay, boom — you get it, and you can use it!"

While most streaming platforms take almost half of a streamer's donations in fees, Bolt+ allows people to begin earning immediately regardless of the number of followers and returns 95% of earnings to its content creators. Plus, with Binance Pay, streamers can immediately access the revenue they've earned. 

Explore Live Web3 Entertainment With Binance Pay

The partnership between Binance Pay and Bolt+ has revolutionized the way content creators accept tips and gifts from their viewers. The democratization of revenue streams that put creators' needs first and the growing adoption of cryptocurrency signals a massive shift in the creator economy.

With a plan to soon bring NFTs into the creators' arsenal so they can deliver customized content to holders, Binance Pay's partnership with Bolt+ is establishing itself as a powerful entry point to Web3 for crypto experts and blockchain newcomers alike.

How to Make Binance Pay Transactions on Bolt+ 

Sending tips or virtual gifts to content creators using crypto via Binance Pay on Bolt+ is simple: 

1. Select your tip amount or buy a virtual gift using crypto. 

2. A QR code will pop up in the live chat. Scan the QR code using the Binance app and confirm the transaction.

3. Once the transaction is successful, a [Tip Successful] message will be displayed. 

Ready to Write Your Own Binance Pay Success Story?

Inspired by Paul’s experience? Join Bolt+ for free and connect your Binance wallet!

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