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Getting To Know Your Crypto Earn Persona: The Staking Student


If you’re looking to grow your crypto, Binance Earn has the right products for you. Users who want to limit their risk but still secure attractive interest rates can try Locked Savings, Locked Staking and DeFi Staking. Find out how you can get started today.

Main Takeaways: 

  • Binance Earn can help you grow your funds, improve your crypto knowledge and get you more involved in the crypto community.

  • Locked Savings typically offers more attractive interest rates than Flexible Savings by locking in your deposit for a fixed duration. It's great for users who want to "set and forget", don’t need immediate access to their funds and want to have their principal deposit guaranteed. 

  • Locked Staking lets you give back to the cryptocurrency community while also earning interest. It's a lower-risk product with a Principal Guarantee.

  • Users can try their hands at DeFi Staking without needing to leave Binance does the hard work for you while you sit back and reap the rewards. 

Everyone loves making their assets work a little bit harder, especially when it only takes a few clicks. Whether you're an experienced crypto HODLer or buying your first BNB, Binance has something for you. We all have our own crypto persona that determines our risk level, outlook and goals, so it's worth exploring all the options available.

In this series, we’re introducing some crypto personas and their personal journeys when it comes to growing their funds. Recognizing your persona will help you make informed decisions and expand the possibilities of what you can do with your crypto assets.

The Staking Student: Moderate Mike

Mike is a 27-year-old digital native who doesn't like getting left behind when it comes to technology. Bitcoin and crypto have been making headlines for years, and Mike isn't the kind of guy to miss out. With the help of friends and colleagues, he's already got his hands on some BTC, BNB and BUSD.

Mike's in it for the long run and has already become quite the HODLer. But after watching a few crypto videos on Youtube, he's heard that he can do more with the coins just sitting in his account. Mike's interested in lending and staking, but he's not interested in complicated wallets, DApps or the idea of paying high transaction fees.

Eager to learn more, Mike heads to Binance to study what's on offer. He soon learns that Binance Earn offers Staking and Savings products that provide attractive returns with minimal risk. Great news! All he needs to do is log in to his account to get started. 

More of a Cautious Claire than a Moderate Mike? Check out our first crypto persona article to see how Binance Earn can cater to your exact needs.

Growing Crypto for Intermediates: The “Stake and Save” Method

Mike's dream crypto growth opportunities are low-risk products with moderate returns. Based on his research, he heads straight to the different Staking and Savings products available. With Locked Savings and Locked Staking both being Principal Guaranteed, Mike adds them to his list. He's happy in the fact that he'll always get his deposits back after they've earned him extra interest.

Looking for higher yields, Mike also checks out DeFi Staking. While these products aren't Principle Guaranteed, Mike decides to deposit his stablecoins to try and reduce his overall risk. 

Locked Savings 

Locked Savings seems like the perfect way for Mike to get bank-beating returns while growing his crypto using a low-risk method. As Mike doesn’t need his funds any time soon, a locked product looks ideal. By locking in his BTC for a fixed amount of time, Mike takes home a higher return than with a more flexible product. Binance takes his deposit and loans it to other users trading on Margin, earning him Annualized Interest Rates of 7% at the time of writing.

Locked Staking

While looking through Binance Earn, Mike also sees that he can deposit his BNB in Locked Staking. Mike earns rewards and contributes to the network at the same time by staking his tokens. His BNB goes towards validating transactions on Binance Smart Chain and helps it run smoothly. Now he's not just earning; he's also a part of the community.

DeFi Staking

With only his BUSD left sitting in his wallet, Mike goes for the higher earnings that DeFi Staking offers. The fees are low, but users can earn much higher returns depending on the coin deposited. There are even flexible lock-up periods, which is perfect for Mike so he can better manage his risk. DeFi can be tricky to get started with, but it's simple with Binance Earn. 


Binance Earn offers a range of products suitable for people with all levels of crypto experience. There's something out there that will match your risk level and desired returns.

If you have crypto sitting in your Binance account gathering dust, Locked Staking and Locked Savings provide low-risk ways to earn interest you otherwise wouldn't get. Both options also help support the Binance and cryptocurrency community, making your returns even more worthwhile. 

If you're less risk-averse, DeFi Staking is at the cutting-edge of crypto and can offer much higher returns. By doing it through Binance Earn, you save yourself the time and effort of manually staking yourself. It's an easy introduction into the DeFi world, and the returns are still comparable.

Start making your crypto work harder for you today. Download the Binance app to get started. 

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