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Binance Blockchain Week 2022: Official Announcement


Back to the Blockchain Future

Join us in Dubai from March 28 to 30, 2022, for three days of talks and panel discussions from the world’s foremost blockchain experts. Our unmatched speaker lineup will dive into tomorrow's technologies, taking you through the world of NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond.

With direct access to traders, founders, institutional investors, regulators, and international officials, Binance Blockchain Week is an opportunity to find your place in one of the century’s biggest technological developments. Click the link below to visit our official website.


What Topics Will Binance Blockchain Week Cover?

The past year has seen an enormous build-up of blockchain-based innovation. This has set the stage for a blockchain future that has already captured the public’s attention. But although we understand the pieces, can you see how they will all fit together? Our three-day conference will cover the most important topics and prepare you with the insights and knowledge you’ll need.

Day 1 - 28 March | Crypto Ecosystem Growth - Adoption, Industry Building, & User Safety

  • Session 1: Opening Keynote

  • Session 2: Panel - Roadmap to Global Adoption

  • Session 3: Fireside Chat - Developing Social Responsibility in the Blockchain Industry

  • Session 4: Panel - Safeguarding the Crypto and Blockchain Ecosystem for a Bright Future

  • Session 5: Keynote Speaker

  • Session 6: Charting a Successful Blockchain Career Path

  • Session 7: Closing Fireside Chat and Q&A

Day 2 - 29 March | Navigating the NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse World

  • Session 1: Opening Keynote

  • Session 2: Panel - Where is DeFi 2.0?

  • Session 3: Debate Panel - Who’s Building the Metaverse? Decentralized Projects or Centralized Companies?

  • Session 4: Fireside Chat - How Far Away Are We From a True Web3 Experience?

  • Session 5: Panel - Successful Use Cases Beyond the NFT Hype

  • Session 6: Panel - How Do You Create a Successful GameFi/Play-To-Earn Token Economy?

  • Session 7: Panel - What Are the Barriers to NFT and GameFi Mass Adoption?

  • Session 8: Panel - Growing a Blockchain Ecosystem to One Billion Users

Day 3 - 30 March | Mastering the Essentials of Crypto Investment and Trading

  • Session 1: Opening Keynote

  • Session 2: Panel - How Will Blockchain Change the Future of Investing?

  • Session 3: Future Trends and Features for Retail Crypto Investors - Where Is the Market Going and What To Expect?

  • Session 4: Fireside Chat and Q&A - Rules for Investing and Trading

  • Session 5: Panel - Passive Income in Crypto. Where’s the Investment Potential?

  • Session 6: Panel - What's the right fundraising model for your project? (VC, DAO, ICO)

  • Session 7: Closing Keynote

Tickets to be released later this month

Attendees at Binance Blockchain Week will have a variety of ticket options and experiences to choose from. You’ll be able to purchase your selected ticket from a third-party distributor later this month, with more details on the process to come soon. Along with the conference, we’ll also offer access to exclusive side-events, fast track entry, priority seating, and VIP gifts for eligible ticket holders.

Save the date for this year’s leading blockchain event

Binance Blockchain Week is an opportunity to dive into tomorrow’s most important topics and build understanding today. The building blocks for your future are already here and waiting for you in Dubai this March. Space is strictly limited, so make sure to book your tickets as soon as they’re released to confirm your attendance.