A Binance Event Through The Eyes of An Angel


Binance events play an integral part in building rapport with existing and potential Binancians. The company’s ambassadors, Binance Angels, are present at all major events, both sponsored and those put together directly by our teams. Angels’ role is to represent the ecosystem, help users solve any issues they might run into while using Binance products and services, and introduce the platform to potential new users.

Binance regularly hosts its own meetups and participates in various external events, including major industry conferences and summits. One of our Angels, Daniele, volunteered to take us through his journey at Binance Blockchain Week Dubai that took place back in March 2022.

Meet Daniele

Binance Angel Daniele, better known by his nickname mAylo_HoSt, started his crypto journey with Binance in 2017. His initial interest in bitcoin led him to invest time in gaining a better understanding of blockchain technology at large and its many applications. “With crypto, it was true love at first sight,” says Daniele.

Crypto has allowed Daniele to leave his full-time job and dedicate more time to his 11-year old son, as well as his digital marketing business. He now spends much of his time on learning about blockchain and managing his digital asset portfolio, as well as sharing his Web3 and crypto knowledge with the community.

Here’s what Daniele’s experience attending our very first post-pandemic event, Binance Blockchain Week, looked like.

Binance Blockchain Week

Binance Blockchain Week took place in Dubai, running from March 28 to 30, 2022. The three-day event welcomed over 2500 in-person attendees and attracted over 1.5 million livestream views. It featured exclusive programming filled with keynote speeches, live panels, and fireside chats. The crypto industry’s biggest names and most inspirational innovators were present to share their insights and experiences with the community. 

Binance Blockchain Week was Daniele’s first ever event as a Binance Angel. Looking back at those three days in Dubai, here’s what he had to share.

What role did you play in this event?

As this was my very first event as an Angel, I spent most of my time networking and chatting to as many people as I could! My goal was to meet like-minded crypto-crazy people, and to teach those who were new to crypto about Binance. 

I also got to meet Patricia, the Angels program manager, as well as many fellow Angels. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

What was the best part of the event for you?

The best part of this event was connecting with some amazing folks, particularly those I share a common passion with. Networking with like-minded people in the industry is certainly one of the most important aspects of events like Binance Blockchain Week. 

And finally, Binance has CZ! CZ is a legend!

What part of the event do you think was the most impactful?

Definitely the stage where the keynotes and main speeches took place. Seeing so many young people interested in Binance, cryptocurrencies and the Web3 certainly inspired me to continue further contributing to this exciting, ever-changing space!

What part was the most fun?

I just loved all the extra activities organized by Binance to make sure the event was a little more exciting and playful. For example, there was a branded Bugatti you got to sit in as well as a fun, interactive photo booth!

I must say, though, that my absolutely favorite part was the after-party in the Dubai Marina on a boat!

What would you have done differently?

Nothing, except for maybe turning the air conditioning a few degrees up to avoid hibernating in Dubai’s indoor spaces!

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