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​This Week at Binance: Dec 17—24, 2021


In today’s edition of This Week at Binance (Dec 17—24, 2021): CZ dropped an FAQ on all things crypto, we launched BNB Auto-Burn and released a list of last-minute crypto gift ideas for Christmas.

Fellow Binancians, 

Christmas arrives tomorrow! Hopefully, everyone’s made the ‘nice list’ in time for Santa. If you haven’t gotten a gift yet, keep reading to find some last-minute crypto goodies before the Christmas gatherings commence.

Weekly Market Recap: Christmas Green

This week we saw the total crypto market cap increase 9.1%, from $2.19T on Dec 17 to $2.39T at the time of writing. 

Bitcoin (BTC) started the week in the 40k range before ending with a rally to the 50k mark. BTC currently trades at ~$51,007 as of writing.

During the same period, Ethereum (ETH) followed a similar movement before ending the week with a rally to the $4k mark. ETH currently trades at ~$4,089 as of writing.

1. One Coin or Millions of Coins?

Hear from CZ as he reveals his thoughts, opinions and insights on creating and issuing your project coin/token. 

Hear from CZ

2. Introducing BNB Auto-Burn

In response to community feedback and comments, we’re officially transitioning from BNB quarterly burn to BNB Auto-Burn. This move will provide greater transparency and predictability to the BNB community.

Learn more about BNB Auto-Burn

3. Crypto Gifts for Christmas—They Exist!

Forget the boring festive gifts or the PS5 you missed out on and pick up some crypto instead. It’s a guaranteed hit conversation starter for your friends and family this holiday season. Plus, crypto gifts are instant, so you won’t have to worry about restocks or late deliveries.

Discover last-minute crypto gifts

What’s Ticking on The Exchange?

New listings this week:

  • Spell Token (Spell): Spell is the governance token for Abracadabra, a multichain lending protocol that utilizes interest-bearing tokens as collateral to mint a USD pegged stablecoin - Magic Internet Money (MIM). 

  • TerraUSD (UST): TerraUSD (UST) is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin for the Terra blockchain.

Innovation Zone:

  • Convex Finance (CVX): Convex Finance is a yield optimization and automation protocol built on top of Curve Finance. It allows users to receive boosted CRV and liquidity mining rewards with minimal effort.

  • ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE): ConstitutionDAO was a failed crowd-funding movement to buy a first-edition copy of the U.S. constitution. Since the bid failed, the PEOPLE token is now also representing a DAO movement with historical significance.

New Trading Pairs: 

  • December 24, 2021: COCOS/TRY, GXS/BNB, LINK/BNB, LUNA/ETH, MDT/BUSD and NULS/BUSD (Read more)

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.

This Week’s Activities:

  • Countdown to New Years! Make a deposit, buy crypto and share up to $45,000 in BNB prizes. (Read more)

  • Share your #MyCryptoWish. Share your crypto wishes with us by January 3, 2022 and we’ll pick 10 wishes to come true.  (Read more)

  • Santa Claus is here! Trade C98 and share $100,000 in prizes. (Read more)

  • Year-end promotion. Subscribe to any dual investment products and win your share of $20,000. (Read more)

Other Bits to Consider

  • 72nd phase of Dual Investment.  Subscribe to the 72nd phase of dual investment, and enjoy a significantly higher interest rate on BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, ADA, BNB, DOT, BCH, BUSD, and USDT. (Read more)

  • Send crypto to non-Binance users. Use Binance Pay to send crypto to your friends and family as a Christmas or New Years gift. (Read more)

  • Binance signs an agreement with Dubai. We just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai World Trading Center Authority to set up an industry hub for virtual assets. (Read more)

Educational Bits From the Academy

  • 2021 Year in Review. Discover all the top crypto moments, stories and highlights of 2021, from Bitcoin’s historical ascension to next-level metaverse announcements. (Read more)

  • What’s powering the Metaverse? Learn more about the metaverse and what major technological innovations are powering it. (Read more)

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