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Introducing the First Project on Binance Launchpool: Bella Protocol


Earlier today, Binance introduced Binance Launchpool, a platform that users can securely farm new assets on, as part of an ongoing initiative to bring the DeFi experience to Binance. 

The first project to take place on Launchpool is Bella Protocol, and by participating in Launchpool, users will be able to stake their BNB, BUSD, or ARPA tokens into three separate pools to farm BEL tokens over 30 days, starting from 2020/09/09 00:00 AM (UTC). In addition, Binance will list BEL at 6:00 AM (UTC) 2020/09/16 and open trading for BEL/BTC, BEL/BNB, BEL/BUSD, and BEL/USDT.

The Bella Protocol (Incubated by ARPA), offers a suite of DeFi products for streamlined crypto banking experience, of which the core concept of the product design is “1-Click”, making  DeFi yield farming more user friendly at a lower cost. Bella automates everything possible, subsidizes gas fee, and caters to both new and experienced users either on-chain or via Bella custodian service.

“At Bella, we want to bring your everyday banking experience to crypto. A majority of crypto holders cannot participate in DeFi due to high cost and poor user experience,” said Bella Co-Founder and CEO Felix Xu, “with Bella, users can save gas fees and time, enjoy high yield from sophisticated strategies, and leave all the heavy-lifting to us. We aim to become the BlackRock of crypto and bring 10x more users to the DeFi ecosystem. Bella’s vision is aligned with ARPA’s ambition in cross-chain asset custody via threshold signature, and the two ecosystems will benefit each other through synergies in community, assets, and resources”

The current product lineups of the Bella Protocol include Bella Liquidity Mining, Flex Savings, One-Click Portal, and Lending. BEL token holders have the ability to stake and earn revenue collected within the Bella ecosystem, enjoy fee discount and staking reward, and vote for network improvements. 

“ The potential of DeFi is accelerating at an outstanding rate, along with its adoption among the crypto ecosystem,” said Binance CEO and Founder, CZ (Changpeng Zhao). “We’re excited to host Bella Protocol as Launchpool’s first DeFi offering on the  Binance platform,  and are delighted to offer Binance users the opportunity to securely farm new assets.”

About Bella

The Bella Protocol brings DeFi to every crypto holder, and offers a robust product mix of Liquidity Mining, Flex Savings, One-Click Portal, and Lending. Combined with DeFi and CeFi, Bella takes on a hybrid approach to optimize user experience, simplicity, and transparency.

Learn more about Bella Protocol from Binance Research’s in-depth report here.  

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