Countdown to Binance’s Ramadan Calendar: #ExchangeWithKindness


Main Takeaways

  • During the month of Ramadan, giving back through charity and community support are commitments that resonate greatly with our values at Binance.

  • From March 22 to April 4, we’ll be running different activities, rewards, and community initiatives every day for 14 days.

  • On one of those days, we will be asking our users across the globe to donate crypto to those in need via one of our Binance Charity initiatives.

  • In keeping with the spirit of giving, there will be a total of more than $500,000 in rewards to be shared by our community.

  • We’ll be posting updates and activities alongside our dedicated hashtag, #ExchangeWithKindness.

Don’t miss out on our huge range of activities, deals, and rewards this Ramadan.

This March sees the arrival of Ramadan. It’s an important time in the Islamic calendar and one that’s observed by Muslims worldwide. Of particular significance during the month of Ramadan, and values that certainly chime with us here at Binance, are commitments to giving back through charity, kindness, and community support. These are values that can be shared by everyone across the globe, regardless of race, religion, or location.

We want to embrace those positive ideals during the 2023 Ramadan period, which lasts from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next. From March 22 to April 4, we’ll be running different activities and community initiatives (filled with rewards) each day for 14 days. It’s a gentle way to bring our community together and for us to give back through a series of bonuses, vouchers, and giveaways.

Welcome to Binance’s Ramadan Calendar as we #ExchangeWithKindness. It’s a time for reflection, gratitude, generosity, charity, and community. Remember to open a new window on your Binance Ramadan Calendar every day of our campaign (March 22 to April 4). We hope you enjoy the activities we’ve prepared for you!

Charity and Good Deeds

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of what we have planned for each of the 14 days of our Ramadan Calendar (March 22 to April 4). But we can disclose this much: in keeping with the season’s focus on charity and giving, on Day 4 (March 25), we’ll be asking our users across the globe to donate crypto to those in need via one of our Binance Charity initiatives. 

And then, on Day 11 (April 1), we’ll launch our Do A Good Deed challenge. On that day, we’ll be encouraging our community to share their suggestions for good deeds and awarding $3,000 (in BNB) to help realize the best idea. Whether hosting iftar or helping people you care about, join our challenge to spread positivity in your community.

We will also share videos of some of our own Ramadan initiatives, such as food box donations and a beach clean-up. Look out for a blog post where we will reveal more!

Daily Activities: Rewards Worth More Than $500,000

Aside from our charity initiatives, we’ve also put together a different activity for the other days of our Ramadan Calendar. From March 22 to April 4, you can expect a selection of rewards from multiple Binance teams, including Gift Card, Academy, and NFT, to name just a few. We’re excited to share that the total reward pool for all these activities combined comes to more than $500,000. 

For us, it’s a chance to offer rewards to our community at a time when it’s encouraged to give to others, and we look forward to everyone coming together to share what’s on offer. Note that this total is made up of the different reward pools or giveaways on offer for the 14 daily activities of our Ramadan Calendar.

Three Activities Available Anytime

The way our Ramadan Calendar works is that you’ll have to wait for each day to pass before a new activity is unlocked. For example, the first activity will be announced on March 22, the second on March 23, the third on March 24, and so on. However, there will also be three activities available to everyone from March 22 to April 4.

The three activities are:

  1. Daily Mystery Boxes — log in daily to claim a free gift box.

  2. Lite Referral Campaign — refer friends to Binance; both users and referred friends will be rewarded. 

  3. Telegram Daily Riddle — answer our riddles correctly, and earn rewards.

Complete any of these on any day while our Calendar is running, and you’ll be in with a chance to share the rewards attached to each activity. Terms and conditions apply.

#ExchangeWithKindness on Social Media

Throughout the Calendar’s duration, we’ll be posting updates and activities alongside our dedicated hashtag, #ExchangeWithKindness. So don’t forget to join our global community on social media by using it, too. And stay up to date by following our Twitter account. Additionally, on the topic of social media, look out for our activity on Day 14 (April 4), when we’ll be running a Community Games Day with the crypto community’s favorite KOLs, with rewards on offer, too.

Exclusive Super Meet-Up and CZ AMA

One activity we’re particularly looking forward to sharing with our community during this time of coming together is our Super Meet-Up. The event will feature speakers from Binance’s leadership team, including an exclusive AMA with CZ, Binance’s CEO.

Hosted by Joanne Kubba, VP of Government Affairs & Policy, this online event will also include insights from Richard Teng, Regional Head of Europe & MENA, Gleb Kostarev, VP Regional Head of Asia, and Mayur Kamat, our Head of Product. The meet-up is scheduled to kick off at 12:00 UTC on March 22 (Day 1), marking the starting point of our Ramadan Calendar.

Fananees NFTs

On March 23 (Day 2), we’ll be offering exclusive access to the Fananees NFT drop, thanks to a special collaboration between Binance NFT and MBC Group — the leading media group in MENA. The Fananees Genesis Collection brings MBC’s most popular Ramadan characters to the exciting world of digital collectibles and enables users to unlock exclusive experiences.

Look out for future blogs where we’ll be revealing more! And be sure to check out our Ramadan Calendar landing page, where you can sign up to get notifications on all the activities we’ll be rolling out.

Open Your Ramadan Calendar

We look forward to you joining us this Ramadan. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude but also a time for generosity, charity, and community. And remember, from March 22 to April 4, you’ll be able to open a new window on your digital Binance Ramadan Calendar every day. We hope you enjoy the activities we’ve prepared for you and encourage all Binancians across the world to #ExchangeWithKindness.

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