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Binance Launches The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program


Are you considering implementing BSC into your project? Are you an existing BSC project? Apply to our MVB Accelerator Program and get a chance to receive funding, expert support, and access to the ever-growing BSC ecosystem. 

To bolster the cryptopreneurial community and provide more support to builders innovating on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), we’re launching the Most Valuable Builder Accelerator (MVB) Program under the $100M DeFi Accelerator Fund to bridge the worlds of DeFi and CeFi. The program’s main aim is to help BSC-based startups create new and exciting innovations, gain industry exposure, receive funding, and accelerate community and business growth. 

The program is split into three phases, where eligible projects that enter phase 2 can receive up to $10,000 in funding, while projects that reach phase 3 can receive up to $100,000 investment. The top selected projects will also receive up to $2 million in liquidity incentive.

We actively support the global blockchain developer community and currently run many programs around BNB Smart Chain (BSC) such as Hackerlink BSC Grant, Future Is Now, Build for Bharat, Gitcoin Hackathon, and more

Program Timeline

The first round of MVB program applications will be open from  February 8-28, 2021, UTC+8. All applicant projects must register with the BUIDL Reward Program to participate and meet specific requirements. Check out BSC Github for more details on the BSC-based deployments. Binance X, Investment, and BSC teams will judge the evaluation process and make the final MVB selection according to the requirements.

Phase 1 (March 1-5, 2021)

We will shortlist the top 20 eligible startups qualified for further consideration and announce them in our monthly BUIDL Reward program update. 


  • The participating projects must deploy to BSC mainnet between January 1 and February 28, 2021.

  • The projects must be registered in the BUIDL Reward Program.

  • The applicant projects must rank within the Top 20 new dApps in the March BUIDL Reward.

Phase 2 (March 8-19, 2021)

We will further reduce the shortlist by reducing the applicants from the top 20 to the top 10 and announce them in the MVB Program after March 26.


  • The project must be among the most demanded applications in DeFi, dApps, or Infrastructures in the BSC Ecosystem.

  • The shortlisting will also consider the Top 20 new projects on the “BUIDL Reward” leaderboard. Check out leaderboard details here. 

  • Community strength (including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.)

Each project in this phase will receive:

  • $10,000 grant for each project

  • Security QuickScan from Certik 

  • Top 5 projects will receive sponsorship for full security audit from Certik

  • Exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts 

Phase 3 (April 12-23, 2021)

We will again evaluate the top 10 projects in this phase and move the top five Liquidity support, Investment, or  community vote on 


  • TVL and Liquidity 

  • Min. Daily Active Users

  • Established Community 

  • Security Audit results from Certik

Each project in this phase will have the opportunity to obtain at least one of the benefits below: 

  • Seed funding of up to $100,000 in BNB

  • Liquidity support of up to 2 million USD 

  • Direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone decided by the Community Vote.

Who is the MVB program for? 

We invite all developers building on BSC or integrating BSC with their project to participate in the MVB program. DeFi, dApps, and blockchain-based projects, including applicants from the BUIDL Reward program, Gitcoin, Quadratic Grant Fund, and existing hackathons hosted by BSC, are also invited to participate. 

How do I apply for the MVB program?

MVB is an extension of our BUIDL Reward program. Startups can apply with a quick BSC smart contract deployment. 

Complete the following steps to register for the MVB program:

1. Deploy your smart contract on BNB Smart Chain

2. Call the “registerContract” function from the deployer address (Use Metamask, BNB Chain Wallet, or other compatible wallets)

The contract creator should specify the contract address and the address to receive the reward. (Note: The address to receive the rewards must be an EOA address.)

3. Verify the contact registration

The reward calculation will start immediately if the registration is valid. The contract creator can update the reward address without affecting the reward calculation by calling this method again.

The contract creator should specify the contract address and the address to receive the reward. (Note: The address to receive the rewards must be an EOA address.)

This method aims to provide an interface for contract creators to confirm that their registry information is right. Contract creators can query the checked registry information (latest reward address and registry height) via BSCscan.

Note: If you can see the contract output with the correct reward address, then it means the registration has succeeded; otherwise, it means the registration has failed.

Please join BNB Chain Telegram Community for any queries. For more information, visit BNB Chain.

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