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Binance Charity: 2020 Recap


To all the friends of Binance Charity,

In a year where countries around the world are facing unprecedented challenges, Binance Charity has worked to address the needs of vulnerable communities and individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic has created countless setbacks for everyday people, uprooting lives, livelihoods, and entire economies in the process. Now, another 100 million people are at risk of being pushed into extreme poverty, joining the 689 million people, who already live on $1.90 or less per day. 

As pioneers of blockchain powered philanthropy, we bring transparency to charitable giving and unite people in a shared mission. We aim to develop projects rooted in our core values, of putting people first, leveraging a worldwide community to amplify our impact, and further developing our blockchain technology to ensure every step of the donation process is transparent and trackable In the midst of a tough year, we have made great strides to improve the lives of the bottom billion via blockchain technology.

In 2020, we have achieved…

  • 1800+ Donors

  • 20+ Projects

  • $10 million Donations

  • 1 million End-beneficiaries

Timeline of Key Achievements

January 2020

Binance launched the “Binance for Wuhan” project and committed to donating $10,000,000 RMB (~ $1.4 million) worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) to support over 300 hospitals in the battle against the virus in China.

See the full report here: Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3

February 2020

In recent years, severe weather conditions brought on by hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones have resulted in much-needed relief operations. Binance Charity has launched a Hurricane Relief Fund to bring near-immediate assistance to people during disasters, at a time when access to money is critical. With 23 donations, Binance Charity Relief Fund reached 0.565 BTC (~ $10,000) to help those in need.

March 2020

Binance Charity launched the global campaign, “Crypto Against COVID” to address the worldwide pandemic along with a $3 million donation from Binance.

April 2020

The “Crypto Against COVID” alliance drew support from over 40 blockchain industry leaders.

May 2020

Binance Charity launched the ‘Australia Bushfire Relief’ project to help alleviate the impact of the environmental disaster, with 2 million USD worth of donations from Binance and 57 total donors.

June 2020

Binance Charity joined the United Nations Global Compact this year to share how blockchain will change the future of philanthropy.

July 2020

The “Crypto Against COVID” has raised an additional $1 million from more than 200 generous donors. With the $4 million donations, more than 1.5 million PPE have been purchased to aid over 100 hospitals in over 26 countries around the world. See the full report here.

August 2020

Binance Charity has donated $10,000 worth of crypto and partnered with UNICEF Luxembourg to support those in need following the tragic events that happened in Beirut this August.

September 2020

Binance Charity has partnered with Maitian Gongyi to support sex education in rural China, providing coerage for over 500 students. An NFT is issued to each volunteer to recognize their work - a new way to incentivize charitable donations with blockchain technology.

October 2020

Binance Charity launched NFT for Good, an open platform developed on BNB Smart Chain which enables everyone to turn their art and creativity into meaningful global action that targets social and humanitarian issues.

November 2020

Since April 2019, Binance Charity has raised about $60,000 from its 77 donors in #CryptoRebuildNotreDame and donated to Friends of Notre Dame de Paris. The funds would go towards the restoration of large paintings within the cathedral.

December 2020

Binance Charity has donated $3,000 directly to ALS patients, according to the ALS Malta Foundation. The donation will benefit the DAR Bjorn Project, which aims to open a unique real estate project for those with severe neurological conditions.

Smiles from Djar Formosa.

Going forward

Binance Charity has worked closely with countries around the world to provide assistance where it is needed most. In addition to donating over $4 million this year, we have been able to share our insights at leading organizations and conferences, including UNIDO, UNGC, LKDF Forum, and LABITCONF. We have also shared our core values with various NGOs—demonstrating the potential of blockchain technology by lending our infrastructure and exchanging ideas and best practices.

With our increased support and number of donors, we were able to make a huge difference for millions of people around the world. Binance Charity is proud to show the strength of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and our community in order to ensure a better tomorrow for those we serve: the bottom billion.

We wish everyone a wonderful 2021. Thank you for being with us along the way.


Binance Charity