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What’s New in Simple Earn Flexible Products

Activity Period: 2023/02/23 00:00:00 - 2023/08/31 00:00:00 (UTC)

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Dear Binancians,

As you may be aware, we have recently introduced an exciting update to our Simple Earn Flexible Products reward distribution policies! This update introduces 2 modes of APR rewards which you can earn by subscribing into Flexible Products: Real-Time APR rewards and Bonus Tiered APR rewards.

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Real-Time APR Rewards

  • Assets subscribed to Flexible Products accrue and earn Real-Time APR rewards every minute

  • These rewards are directly added onto the balance of your Flexible Product assets; it is not distributed to Spot Wallet and therefore will not be recorded in Distribution History

  • You can find out how much Real-Time APR rewards you have earned by clicking on each holding in your Earn Wallet via the Binance app (Wallet > Earn > Flexible Holding), or referring to the ‘Cumulative Real-Time APR Rewards’ in your Earn Wallet via Web (Wallet > Earn > Flexible).

  • Real-Time APR is subject to change every minute (you can refresh the Simple Earn page to see the latest rates)

Bonus Tiered APR Rewards

  • Bonus Tiered APR Rewards are available for selected tokens, and may change from time to time

  • These rewards are accrued starting the day after you subscribe at 00:00 (UTC), and will begin distributing to your Spot Wallet the following day between 00:00 and 08:00 (UTC)

  • You can find out how much Bonus Tiered APR rewards you have earned by clicking on Transaction History in your Earn Wallet via the Binance app (Wallet > Earn > Transactions), or referring to the Simple Earn History via Web

Web version:

App version:


  • Turn on the Auto-Subscribe function to enable the automatic subscription of any available assets in your Spot Wallet into Flexible Products

  • The auto-subscription will happen daily at 02:00 and 16:00 (UTC)

  • This function ensures that any idle assets that you have in your Spot Wallet do not miss out on any potential rewards you can earn via Flexible Products, and eliminates the need to check for any of these idle assets manually

Finally, please read our FAQ to find out more details about Flexible Products, and our Terms and Conditions governing the use of Simple Earn services.

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