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Complete Binance Academy's Free Crypto Beginner Course for an NFT Certificate


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Academy has recently launched the first of a series of six free beginner-level courses to help millions pursue crypto literacy.

  • The first course, Blockchain Fundamentals, comprises six modules that help beginners get up to speed with the crypto basics.

  • NFT certificates will be awarded upon completion of the course. Find out how you can learn more about blockchain, crypto, and Web3 on Binance Academy.

Binance Academy has just launched its first free online course! Learn about Web3 and crypto basics in the Blockchain Fundamentals course to receive an NFT certificate.

Binance is proud to announce the launch of the first of a collection of six beginner-level courses designed to ramp up our global education efforts. The online series spans basic blockchain, crypto, and Web3 information for the crypto-curious and delivers it in a structured curriculum.

This beginner collection is just the start of our comprehensive course lineup. We have plans to release courses for intermediate and advanced learners in the future, as well as professional certificate courses to prepare learners for the next step in their careers in Web3 and blockchain. 

Kickstarting the beginner series is the Blockchain Fundamentals course comprising six modules, now available for free on Binance Academy. The remaining five courses will be launched over the next few months, and 13 more languages will be added in the coming weeks.

NFT certificates will be awarded to learners who have completed the course.

Binance Academy has been committed to making crypto resources accessible to the world since its inception in 2018. Besides hundreds of free articles, Binance Academy is also home to Learn and Earn courses that have encouraged more than 3 million people to build crypto knowledge.

“Blockchain industry is still at its early stage. Many new concepts such as NFT and metaverse are coined. We believe that creators and builders shape our industry's future. Therefore, empowering more creators and builders with knowledge is key. Binance, the industry leader, bears great responsibility for education, and we will continue to push innovation through education,” said Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi.

Level up Your Crypto Knowledge

At Binance, we believe in the power of online educational content. It is a powerful tool for promoting crypto literacy that allows anyone to learn at their own pace. Embark on your learning journey today at Binance Academy.

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