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Main Takeaways:

  • Binance has been committed to educating the crypto community for free since the company’s inception in 2017.

  • In addition to providing access to educational resources and services, we also launched several key initiatives that have benefited new learners and crypto users alike.

  • Here’s how we’re helping everyday users, college students, policymakers, and law enforcement agencies understand blockchain, Web3, and crypto.

From serving millions of learners in more than 20 languages to supporting regulators, here’s a list of things that Binance has done to advance crypto education.

One of the key mantras of crypto is ‘do your own research,’ meaning that one should conduct due diligence to make informed decisions before investing in an asset or joining a project. Simple, right? But where should you go to understand a token, its utility, the team behind it, the technology supporting it, and how it’s useful? 

In a world where information can be imperfect, slanted, and difficult to understand, it’s tough to navigate the fragmented knowledge landscape to learn on your own. Things get even trickier when you factor in the amount of sponsored posts and marketing messages that may not present the unbiased information you need to do your research.

At Binance, we believe that crypto and blockchain education is fundamental to nurturing adoption. And it’s not just for crypto traders and investors. We’ve also been working with governments, regulators, policymakers, and law enforcement, seeking to develop their understanding of the technology as they play an increasingly important role in the greater digital asset ecosystem. Wonder how we’re working with them? Our actions speak louder than words. Check out what we’re doing in a push to further crypto education all over the world.

Binance Content That Puts Education First

Binance has its own take on how education should be delivered, and almost all the content we publish aims to educate the reader in some way or another. Saw a new product feature launch? It may help someone enhance their trading strategy. Saw a tweet about an exciting partnership? It’s our way of keeping you in the loop. Whether we’re talking about a new campaign, discussing real-world use cases, or sharing a Binance-exclusive interview, we want the reader to take away something useful at the end.

Take a look at a random week of our content, for instance. From 4 July 2022 to 11 July 2022, over 3.2 million people accessed a piece of Binance content, leading to almost ten million page views. Even if we only share just one fact, insight, or update, we’re already educating people on a mass scale every week. Our reach is tremendous, and we are proud to say that our efforts to deliver crypto knowledge to everyone and for free are paying off.

Binance Academy, a Free Crypto Knowledge Bank

Since its launch in 2018, Binance Academy has been the jewel in our educational crown. It is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive online collections of crypto and blockchain-related materials. It holds nearly 400 articles, ranging from quick tutorials to in-depth features, on everything from blockchain basics to complex economic theories and trading strategies, accessible to anyone.

How exactly does Binance Academy help its readers?

We spoke to Academy readers to discover how Binance Academy has impacted them personally. Apart from gaining practical skills like setting up a MetaMask wallet and exploring risk-reducing strategies, our readers have learned fundamental principles of interacting with digital assets and being part of the crypto community through Binance Academy. 

We’ve also heard that the free information has been used in preparing job applications and interviews with Web3 and blockchain-related companies – and by a few people who have interviewed here at Binance!

During that same week in July 2022, approximately 630,000 users accessed Binance Academy, clocking almost three million page views.

Binance Academy’s milestones in numbers

We’re incredibly proud of the coverage and reach that Binance Academy has achieved over the past four years. Here are the numbers:

  1. Binance Academy serves millions of learners worldwide in more than 20 languages. 

  2. Binance’s free learning hub ranks number one in terms of size in the entire crypto information space. 

  3. To date, we have published nearly 400 articles and 300 glossary entries that help people become more familiar with the digital asset space globally. 

  4. We have put up over 90 videos that explain key concepts, context, and best practices of the blockchain world. 

  5. From July 2021 to June 2022, our articles and glossary entries have been accessed 116,649,972 times, with readers spending a cumulative 406 years reading our content.

And we’re expanding this repository of knowledge every day and working to make it even more accessible and navigable for everyone. Get caught up with the wealth of crypto insight on Binance Academy!

Binance Learn & Earn

A key skill for anyone in crypto is knowing how to research digital asset projects properly. So while Binance Academy has always provided top-notch information and research strategies, we thought that something more targeted was needed. Enter Binance Learn & Earn. We launched this educational crypto program to encourage users to develop specific skills needed to conduct their own research while earning rewards for doing that.

Hosted on Binance Academy, our Learn & Earn articles and bite-sized videos present projects’ key facts and familiarize readers with the types of information they should be looking for. A simple quiz at the end tests one’s basic understanding of the project and, more importantly, trains readers to scan and pick out key information.

So far, 3.1 million people have completed our Learn and Earn courses. We have also distributed a total of $5.2 million worth of token rewards. While we believe that knowledge is its own reward, we are working on a sustainable pipeline of campaigns like Learn & Earn to help our students own their first cryptocurrency and engage with promising projects and platforms.

Binance-Powered Courses and University Partnerships

Online educational courses

In this day and age, online educational content has the potential to reach anyone with internet access. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, so we’ve chosen this medium as the home for our free blockchain courses coming later this year. To leverage diverse perspectives and deliver impartial information, we’ll kickstart weekly educational webinars and publish content from experts outside Binance.

We will launch our courses in 14 languages starting in October 2022. These courses offer personalized, trackable, structured blockchain and crypto education to all our users. In 2023, Binance Academy will also build on this medium to launch courses with career certificates. These courses aim to train interested learners and equip them with skills and knowledge for a career in crypto and Web3.

Stay tuned for these upcoming announcements

Collaboration with universities

Binance is no stranger to collaborative work with universities. Last year, Binance Charity, our philanthropic arm, teamed up with UC Berkeley to support their Big Ideas contest. Big Ideas is a massive educational support ecosystem serving approximately 300,000 student participants annually.

This year will see Binance continue to expand partnerships with some of the world’s top universities, governments, and industry associations to offer structured education leading to globally recognized professional certifications. 

As part of Binance’s Global Education Initiative, we’re approaching the world’s top universities to build curricula and help educate tomorrow's users, builders, and blockchain professionals, both in the US and in other parts of the world. Starting this fall, students will have the opportunity to attend Binance workshops, hackathons, and other events.

We are also identifying historically black colleges and universities of higher education in the United States that provide access to education to previously underrepresented and underserved communities. 

Binance Charity Foundation

The same spirit that drives our support of underrepresented communities fuels Binance Charity Foundation’s push to promote blockchain education in meaningful ways. 

Binance Charity is dedicated to unlocking Web3 as a powerful tool for social change by improving financial inclusion and making its education and training accessible to all. In addition to providing humanitarian support with direct crypto giving, Binance Charity's key focus is around creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds to study blockchain, develop their skills and build the future. 

Through our Binance Scholar program, we provide scholarships to ambitious and passionate people from underserved communities to study blockchain courses at the world’s leading universities, vocational training schools, and colleges. We believe the future of Web3 is for everyone, and financial barriers should not stop people from learning.

In addition to this, we are helping people acquire the skills they need to secure meaningful employment in crypto and blockchain outside of formal education. This is achieved through funding and launching free vocational training programs in communities across the world. For example, Binance Charity recently announced a partnership with IT-Generations led by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, a project that funds scholarships for displaced Ukrainians. A total of $1 million BUSD was donated to provide 1,000 technology scholarships to help people retrain after losing their jobs during the conflict in Ukraine. 

Similarly, we’re working with education partners to deliver free-of-charge programs across other parts of Europe, Africa, and LATAM. Just last week, we announced a quarter-million dollar partnership with tech education leader to provide workshops and training for 10,000 students from underserved areas across France. 

Finally, we are partnering with top academic institutions to produce research reports/white papers and fund innovation programs to help shape the future of the blockchain industry. For example, Binance Charity is proud to support the Lab for Inclusive FinTech (LIFT) at UC Berkeley, an innovative research partnership leveraging a diverse network of researchers and practitioners. Together, this network will improve the design, reach, and efficacy of blockchain technologies to promote underserved communities' financial health and resiliency and address vulnerable populations' more pressing development issues, including refugees.

Binance’s Active Role in the Regulatory Landscape

Law enforcement

In addition to shedding light on the nature of the relationship between digital assets and sanctions, Binance has also been supporting the work of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Binance’s security team has helped not only solve financial crime cases but also educate officials on how to tackle cybercrime in Brazil, the Philippines, and other locations.

Binance employs some of the world’s leading cybercrime experts. By hosting workshops and participating in conferences across the globe, we have significantly strengthened law enforcement's understanding of and ability to react to cybercrime.


Binance’s approach to educating officials on digital asset matters doesn’t just focus on protecting people from crime. Another critical component of this push is helping governments develop effective regulatory frameworks. Working closely with authorities all around the globe, Binance uses its deep knowledge and expertise to assist in creating sound crypto and blockchain regulation. Clear rules are essential to advancing mass crypto and blockchain adoption, and Binance is more than happy to provide the necessary input.

Future Innovation

Looking ahead, we believe that the adoption of crypto and the development of blockchain and Web3 technologies are still in their early stages. To accelerate these processes, Binance is investing in long-term education, be it funding academic research at some of the world’s top universities or designing our free online courses for interested learners. Through hackathons and incubation programs, Binance is helping new entrepreneurs build decentralized applications that will onboard over one billion new users to Web3 in the next five years.

So whether you’re interested in the metaverse, NFTs, mining, trading, DeFi, or the next upcoming crypto product, Binance is here to help you do your own research as you are getting ready to dive in. 

Remember, education is everything.